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Zip Cloud review

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Zip Cloud is an exciting new Online Cloud Storage company based in the US and the UK.

With Modern design, An easy to use Online Dashboard, and fast technical support, Zip Cloud is sure to become one of the new main-stays of the online backup market.


With Unlimited Storage, Zip Cloud is bound to appeal to all levels of online storage, breaking the norm of limiting what the end user is allowed to backup.

Zip Cloud offers all users an easy to use desktop application, combining slick and minamalistic design with simplicity.

File Sharing and a kevel of file versioning is included in all basic plans, with additional upgrades available.


Although few may of heard of Zip Cloud, this should not be a reason to not consider them as one of the better backup companies out there.

An exciting and vibrant product is truly showing the way in how backup should be done.

It's clear to see why they are rated so highly by us and other review sites out there.

We can honestly say that if you use the Zip Cloud service, you wont be disappointed.


Another good showing here, after sending in numerous support emails and contacts offer an extended period of time, the average response worked out to be 45 miinutes, much faster and more efficent than others on our list.

We found step by step videos and guides with our account, which explained everything we needed to know right down to a tee.


File versioning, Unlimited Backup, File Sharing. - Heavy on services than alot of their competitors.


Zip Cloud offers good reliability, in our tests, the backup was smooth and fast, and as of yet we have seen no stalling. Initial backup speeds are of course dependent on Users Intenet Upload speed, but whie trialing the product we found no faults.

Ease Of Use

Although feature rich, the simplicity of Zip Cloud really suprised us, very smooth and easy to use, it really does leave some of its more established competitors in its wake.

Value For Money

Any Backup Service that offers unlimited storage for $4.95 per month can only really be described as good value for money, but its the extras that it Zip Cloud offers that represents true value. Its clear to see why some of the less flexibile Backup Companies are starting to fall behind the new kids such as Zip Cloud.

Control Panel

Very nice design, Clear, Crisp and very easy to use.

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Zip Cloud User ReviewsZip Cloud Review

Just excellent

Brilliant app that will solve all your file storage needs and possibly more. I am so impressed with this. User friendly and good value for money. Syncing and file versioning is great if you're on the move constantly. Love Zip Cloud!


14th May 2012 Maureen London


Kick back and relax

You know what the best thing about ZipCloud is? The fact that once you have installed it you can completely forget you have it.

Seeing as it was the fear of not backing up my files which drove me to sign up to ZipCloud in the first place, once it had been installed and automated backup had begun, backing up my files didn't cross my mind again. Crazy hey!

Unlimited storage for $4.95 a month is great value for money and the fact it's crisp, clean and user friendly, just ticks more and more of my boxes. I would highly recommend ZipCloud. You genuinely can't put a price on peace of mind!


15th March 2012 Alex Fisher California


Couldn't ask for more

It is easy to see why ZipCloud are one of the best online storage providers in the market. In my experience they have the best technical support I have encountered. Which comes in useful when you're new to backing up!

One of the biggest draws of ZipCloud is it's unlimited storage. When signing up I had no idea how many files I was going to need to backup. I use my computer everyday for both personal and business reasons so the fact it is unlimited storage is a huge draw. Now I know no matter how much work I do or how many photographs I take I'll never run out of space in ZipCloud.

ZipCloud are without hesitation my perfect provider.


6th March 2012 Ed Sullivan Texas


Extremely impressed

ZipCloud does all the right things well, like storage space and price which are two key things for me and they're both very good, I think the best on the internet. Good support is always something I look for when I buy anything and these guys haven't let me down yet, a couple more features and it will be the best.


21st December 2011 Johnny California


Best on the web imo

I've been loving ZipCloud so far, using it all the time with no problems yet. I backup loads and loads so the fact that Ive had no problems says a lot about the product. Cheap and unlimited storage is all you need to know about these guys, oh and a decent support team to add to that!


20th December 2011 Lewis Washington


Best Ive seen so far

I'm a regular blogger and Ive been trying a few online backup sites to rate in my blogs and I can safely say that ZipCloud is the best so far. It is so easy to use, right away from the original download and the usage is just seamless. Everything is very easy with ZipCloud, I think they have worked very hard on this and it just works great.


18th December 2011 Matthew Maine


No Better Cloud Storage

Right now I dont think there is a better Cloud Storage company than Zip Cloud, everything you need with cloud storage and fantastic value for money - really easy to use and install and support are super quick.

Excellent cloud storage service guys!


11th December 2011 Phillip Fraiser Landport


Cloud Storage How it Should Be!

I am really impressed with Zip Cloud, they offer cloud storage, file sharing, file syncing, computer backup all for one low price.

The user interface is simple to use, and really rather attractive. i like the fact there is no hard sell, and i love the storage plans.

If you haven't already signed up for ZipCloud you really should!


4th December 2011 Carl Cassey Indianapolis, IN


Perfect for me!

ZipCloud is my first online backup company and I'm so impressed with it so far. I watch a lot of films and like to keep them on my computer, so an online backup company was a must for me. I can upload as much as I like whenever I want, and the uploads are fast which is even better. I've only had to use the support a couple of times but both times they were very helpful, so overall its an awesome product.


2nd December 2011 Chris Jones Wisconsin


really nice software

Zip Cloud has a really sexy website, a nice control panel and best of all i can use it on my macbook pro!

I was holding out until they started to offer a mac client and i'm really glad i did. the software is super easy to use, unintrusive and feature rich.

Give it a go, you won't be disappointed :)


21st November 2011 Alex Robertson London, UK


Quite Simply

Zip CLoud are the best Cloud Backup service i have ever used. Simple and fast, support is great, and the service looks great on my desktop - Sync features are top notch also.


19th November 2011 Barrie Tremor Jacksonville


I Absolutely adore this service

After having tried many online backup services, i have found my favourite. Support are very friendly and quick to respond, and i was helped every step ofr the way to install and use the service. Fantastic.


19th November 2011 Lyndsay Roberts Grenville


I have found..

My new favourite company! - Definately going to recommend this lot to my friends, so GOD DAMN SIMPLE, why cant all companies be like them?! Such quick upload as well. One happy customer. :)


1st November 2011 Terri Palmer New Jersey


Try them, you wont regret it!

After giving the free trial a go, i have to admit i was incredibly suprise by the level of support i received. Love the simplicity and features, backup is fast, and sync capability is an excellent plus point for a cloud storage company.

I found the app to be easy to navigate as well, especially for a newbie like me.


26th October 2011 Bob Richards New York


Zip Cloud, no.1 for Cloud Storage (IMO)

Having used many of Zip Clouds competitors i am happy to see just how many more features they offer than their competitors. They have combined the best of Dropbox, Carbonite and Sugarsync and have developed a real industry leading product.

I have to give Customer support and tech support full marks as i haven't needed to use them!


19th October 2011 Kieron Giles Newcastle, England


Just So Simple!

I found these guys completely by accident, after flicking through a few review sites i cam accross them, tried them out, and sure enough i was onto a winner!

Really simple to use, excellent design and look, Customer support is top notch and really helpful, and i cannot wait for the MAC version to come out for my MacBook.

Dont hesistate, these guys trully are the bomb!


14th October 2011 Greg Treyo Santa Fe


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