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SugarSync review

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SugarSync makes life easier for all users, its aim is to keep computers, smart phones and all mobile devices synced and backed up on the internet. Of all the major online data backup services we reviewed recently, SugarSync offers a lot more features and continuous backup abilities than it's so say "Bigger Competitors" The service works across most operating systems.

SugarSync gives users access to documents from your PC, MAC, or Mobile devices. That way you can retrieve your data no matter what device you're using, or no matter where you are.


SugarSync's data backup services enables users to access important files, photos, music and pretty much all other data from the cloud, so as the user you don't need to continually have to keep it all on your computers or devices, thus taking up precious storage space.

Sugarsync gives all users the capability to organize files, photos or music, as well as being able to stream songs directly to your browser, Smartphone or tablet.

Your entire library can be reached at the touch of a button, and the website runs automated backups through their secure server.

Compared to a lot of other online storage sites, Sugarsync and MyPC Backup are the only sites that offer a truly international service worldwide. No matter where you are to your files are accessible inside your account.

Their brand new iPhone app is now available to download for even quicker access to your precious files and folders.


SugarSync would be a very good acquisition for anyone looking to backup. Offering good backup tools, some of the best sharing tools available, and of course mobile compatibility.

Free File versioning, as well as offline Syncing puts it above a lot of other competitors in this market, and gives it rightly the number 2 spot on our review site.

Technical support was varied at times, and as a self proclaimed "Backup Guru" - For me the service was easy to use, although to the low-Average computer user, this may not the service that i have made it out to be, for you.

Value for money on the space side is a concern, however there is very little more that we could find the service at fault for.


Probably SugarSync's biggest downfall.

Although they can be contacted by email and live chat. Although not ideal Sugarsync post information on their website including tutorials, frequently asked questions, and consumer start-up guides.

There's also a active forum, however from what we came across, it was mainly active with posts complaining about SugarSync's unresponsive support.

Like most online backup and Sync companies, telephone support is none existent, some say this makes life easier, others say more difficult, it certainly would of helped us a lot more.


To run alongside SugarSync's high priority of reliability, and to assist in keeping users data safe, the service also offers file versioning, this keeps the five most recent versions of all your files and documents in the cloud, automatically updating them and backing them as changes are made.

This is something that only very few other companies offer free of charge within the service.

A surprising feature (Of which very few others offer also) is that users are able to sync directly to offline devices. As example, you can sync directly to your computer even if your computer is not connected to the internet at the time.. This is also the same for your phone or mobile device. When either device becomes online or you connect the device to the internet, it will automatically update all changes made.


Being one of the biggest players on the market has certainly helped Sugarsync make a name for itself as a reliable company to protect your files with.

No-one can doubt the importance of a strong brand in this market, and Sugarsync pass this test with aplomb on the reliability stakes.

Simple and smooth backup, sync, and restore capabilities, makes reliability one of SugarSync's major plus points.

Ease Of Use

Although not ideal, we found Sugarsync easy to use, after reviewing the support forum however, it would seem that others have not.

We found them easy enough, the interface was simple and the online account was clean and trustworthy, files backed up and synced relatively seamlessly, so overall not bad at all from our perspective.

Value For Money

Although the name "SugarSync" represents more of a file sharing company, online backup is a high priority for the company.

Compared to a lot of other companies on the market, SugarSync's tiered, plans although offer relatively cheap storage for the smaller user, on the larger side, it isn't such a rosy tale.

Others out there, such as MyPC Backup and BackBlaze, offer unlimited storage for a relatively low price.

Do SugarSync's other features outweigh issue on value for money....

We are not so sure.

Control Panel

A very clean and easy to use interface makes for a happy reviewer.

Another tick from me on this, I enjoyed working with SugarSync's control panel and online account, smooth, easy to follow and overall, a joy to work with.

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SugarSync User ReviewsSugarSync Review

Amazing experience

Wow, I'm really impresed with this backup provider. SugarSync is perfect for me because of its streaming for music and mobile app features. Features are in absolute abundance here. As I'm always going from place to place I'd recommend this to anyone who can't sit still...and loves music!


29th June 2012 Gary Shawman Ohio


Love it!

So user friendly and easy to get on with. This is a spectactular unit that will sync, share, collaborate and offer you everything you could need. I have to do a bit of moaning about tech support, however. But in the end I got the answers I needed.

Good value for money and a great way to backup and dispell your outgoing charges for old trraditional local backup means.


15th May 2012 Lewis Haynes Texas


So close

Whilst the service I've had from SugarSync has always been professional and suited to my needs, I can see why they aren't market leaders.

Give me more storage!

Whilst price isn't a huge factor for me, I do want value for money and I think this is in jeopardy while other online backup services are offering more storage for a similar price.


15th March 2012 Georgie Nevada


Not bad, but need more storage

Overall the service provided by SugarSync is good. I have never had a problem and have never even considered changing provider until I realised MyPC Backup offer unlimited storage.

It's a tempting proposition especially as I now have 2 extra devices incorporated into my account. I think I'll hold out for now, maybe they'll up their storage levels.


9th March 2012 Phil Maine


Great but not enough space

Sugarsync would be number 1 for me if only there was a bit more storage space available, I ran out way too quickly! Apart from that they have exemplary support and good features, and it's easy to use so the only thing letting them down is their tiny space allowance.


21st December 2011 Claire Kansas


Almost a great program!

Sugarsync is a good program theres no doubt about that, its just lacking that extra bit of something to make it a great program.The support is very good and once your used to it the system is easy, but the storage space needs to be bigger and a couple of features that nobody else has would not go amiss.


20th December 2011 Alan New Hampshire


Good - But could be better

Sugarsync do have some great services and features but their support could be a bit better, i had slow response times and they did talk alot of technical jargon i didnt really understand.

Value for money is good though, and the backup is quite fast.


19th December 2011 David Redman Washington



Absolutely rubbish service, and rubbish technical support - They took money when they shouldn't have - and i am still waiting for my money!


15th December 2011 S. Davison Montreal


Good system

Sugarsync is a good system to use for online backup if your looking for a fairly cheap fairly simply system. It is easy to use and the support is okay, but if their response times were better then I'd give that 5*s because the actual responses are very good! Overall I'm impressed with the system and won't be changing :)


2nd December 2011 Danny Wilks Philadelphia



what can i say about these guys, lousy customer service, fiddly product with no real purpose, difficult to navigate web portal and expensive. Avoid - F at best


25th November 2011 roger johnson Sarasota, Florida



I have given Sugarsync a 4* overall review because it does what it advertises well! I've used it with my PC and my phone and so far haven't had too many problems. It could do with being a bit more simple to use, and if it was a bit cheaper then it would probably be pushing for 5*s because the support is also decent.


15th October 2011 Tomas Colorado


I\'m thinking more SugarStink!

Absoluately terrible customer service, the service overall is limited to say the least, hard to use, hard to get hold of, Not as good value for money than similar services. Really not for me.


15th October 2011 Gareth Bryan New Jersey


Not for me AT ALL

Really did not work for me, i gave it a month trial and all the hance to redeem them selves and it just got me frustrated and pi$$ed off!!

Slow - No customer support and terrible backups service.


12th October 2011 Janet Richardson Birmingham, UK


Brilliant for what it is..

I deciding on using Sugarsync after reading good reviews on its technology, having used a few other services on the market, i thought i knew enough. Sugarsync do offer some great services, though are not so hot on others. File sharing is brilliant, but the basics in backup are not so good - Probably why the aren't called sugarbackup! - If you want to sync files then get on this lot, if its backup you need, i would probably recommend someone who specializes in it.


11th October 2011 Tim Boardman Tampa Bay


Gets the thumbs up from me

Since signing up with Sugarsync, i have been able to access my files online with ease, share my files with friends and sync files between my mac and pc. my only critique is it is expensive for a decent amount of storage and support is slow to respond.


20th September 2011 Frederick Harris Georgia


An awesome product!!!!

Crash? !!! A miracle product...Sugar Sync!! Definitely made it so easy for me to secure my data...very easy to handle and upload files...too easy installation and the guide is very helpful too!!The most important thing that i liked about this software was its ease of sharing, within minutes i can share my data....and moreover it can be connected with my ipad too!

4 outta 5 and a big thumbs up!!!


8th September 2011 Allen Benford Texas


great features but really slow

Sugarsync have tons of features, but almost too many. There are too many options of things to do, i just want to store my files in the cloud. I really appreciate what they are trying to do, but all the effort they put into features would be better focused on making the software less of a CPU hog. My computer slows to a snails pace whenever i'm running a backup. it's good but not good enough.


20th August 2011 Harvey Ellis Yorkshire


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