SOS Online Backup Review
SOS Online Backup review

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SOS Online Backup is a new player to the online data backup market, offering standard and business backup, with strong features such as an easy-to-use interface, encrypted transfers and storage, unlimited file versioning and large amounts sharing. it's plans however are limited to 50GB or 100GB of storage space. At the time of writing the current service does not yet support Mac Backup.


SOS Online Backup services currently provide a strong selection of backup tools. These include global access, unlimited file versioning, automatic back up of changed files, file sharing, and much more.

Unlike very few of its competitors, its unlimited versioning ability is invaluable to many, as human error is still the main reason that files are accidently deleted or destroyed. SOS is also strong on encryption and security; it encrypts information on your device in transit, and also when received.


SOS offers alot of basic features, and does also offers alot of features that many do not. FOr an all round service SOS scores well, however not offering an unlimited option does rule out the larger backup user.

If you need to back up a multitude PCs within its storage limits, SOS scores highly, but does lack in some value for money departments.


SOS, unlike many others, offer several support options, including phone support.

Online, you are able to look through FAQs and an internal knowledgebase. Both are fairly comprehensive, and you can also put in your own input by sharing other help topics by email.

Understandably, you may have to log in to your SOS account to gain access to total support; on the phone and via email.


SOS Online Backup provides an excellent feature called "Live Protect"

This tool can back up selected files as and when they are altered, This means that even the smallest of tweaks in your most important files, are protected in real time.

The Multiple Computer option is also an extra that most don't offer, however the total storage is still limited.


Once installed, the service run smoothly and is easy to navigate, we didn't come across any issues in reliability, although the backup did pause for no apparent reason. It did restart eventually and continued without a hitch.

Ease Of Use

When we reviewed SOS we noticed how seamlessly the whole process seemed to flow, installation was doddle and the backup did start pretty much instantly.

We have reviewed very few others who in our eyes scores as highly in this department, probably only MyPC Backup and Backblaze come close.

Value For Money

SOS offer many options that some of its larger competitors do not, however the limited storage does provide a stumbling block.

If you are looking for a relatively small but all round backup company then SOS may be for you, however, not having unlimited storage will no doubt provide doubters before purchase.

Control Panel

Incredibly easy to use, and very well structured. We enjoyed interacting with the interface, and think others will do to.

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SOS Online Backup User ReviewsSOS Online Backup Review

SOS Saved Me...!

It's true what they say about hard drives having short lives and being destined for the chop. It happened to me, but luckily SOS saved me! They have nice features and a user friendly interface that is almost too easy to use really. That's not a complaint by the way.

Overall, it's a great product that's deserving of the top 10.


27th June 2012 Jay Sultan Washington


Average backup

I liked this a lot. It scores relatively well across the border and does its job well also. It's good...but that's kind of the problem. It is just 'good'. It will do me for now but I'll probably be looking for longer term solutions in the near future. For example, there are a lot of new vendors who offer unlimited backup. It's a growing trend, but these guys haven't caught on yet


15th May 2012 Rose Gould Sweden


Discount is good but not good enough

I see that SOS Online Backup are just about squeezing into the top 10. Sounds about right for their service but it's there price that is letting them down.

The number one slot is MyPC Backup for a reason, SOS take note. Your discounts for year subscriptions help, but they're not enough!


11th March 2012 Jamie USA


Least space

I blame myself for lack of research but, SOS offer the least amount of space of any online backup provider for the price they are charging.

SOS provide an adequate service but can't compete financially with stronger market forces such as MyPC Backup. I'm moving as soon as I can.


9th March 2012 Dale San Fransisco


Pathetic storage!

SOS has some good features and a good support setup, but I just can't get over how pathetic the storage allowance is! How is that supposed to satisfy anyones needs??


21st December 2011 Sophy New Hampshire


Save your time!

I've found out that SOS offer the least amount of space for any online backup provider for the price I'm paying, which I've also discovered isn't the cheapest. I'm not happy about it, and I'll be switching soon! Don't buy!


20th December 2011 Lee Phillips Maine


It saves nothing!

The company name is completely inappropriate, I only wish I'd saved one thing - my own time. The support were terrible whenever I've used them, which is quite a lot due to the poor quality of this program. Its easy to use but just useless, the features are poor and half the time by backups dont even work!


16th December 2011 Paul Nevada


Stay away!

I have had a terrible time with SOS - Taking money when they shouldnt have, and not giving me a refund when i am due one. In the last few weeks i have been shopping around for a new online backup tool and am trying a free trials now.

Stay away from SOS -0 they may look good on the outside, but I can tell you know they are a horrible company to work with.


13th December 2011 G.Davis Harrogate


SOS have saved my Bacon

SOS have come to my rescue a few times now, and everytime they have been efficent and helpful. Support could be a little easier to understand and less technical but apart from that I am one happy customer.

I really like their sorting option and the recovery of data is very fast.


20th November 2011 Roger Jones Wiss


Average at best

SOS seemed like an awesome product to begin with but after not too long I began to dislike it. The original setup was simple and I was runnning very quickly but then it began to get a bit more difficult when viewing my files online and altering them. There aren't that many features either, but there is good storage space and they're fairly cheap so it's not all bad.


5th November 2011 Jenny London, UK


Save my service!

Easy to use, but my god if something is broken its hard to get hold of them!

Really nice control panel and online services, fast backup, if a little limited, found staff to be unhelpful adn difficult to understand at times. Really didnt work in my opinion, and now a happy My PC Backup customer.


14th October 2011 Harriet Scott Arkansas


Almost Perfect

SOS offers many benefits against its rivals, (I should know, i did a hell of a lot of research befroe buying) - I had seen stories of poor support but have found it to be ok, at the end of the day, they are an internet company, so phone support shouldnt be the be all and end all.

In terms of service it is great, fast backup, reliable and very easy to use.

For those reasons i like SOS and would possibly recommend them to others who were looking for this kind of solution.


12th October 2011 Lucia Richardson Cardiff, Wales


thumbs up for sosonlinebackup!

Lsst month i got my hard drive crashed due to a leaking radiator. All data got lost :( so to take preventive measures i decided to take an online backup solution for all my data and after researching a number of internet sites, googling different words, i came across SOS online backup, and to my knowledge, its perfect. Good online technical support and with overall great features, it provides an ultimate experience of saving data!!


10th October 2011 Joy Frame - owner of jagzgarg inc. California


Happy Customer

I have been a happy customer with SOS for a long time now and have never been let down by the service, efficent and always happy to help, i love their service and what it offers.

For Cloud storage they really are a great company, and why they are only 9th on this list is beyond me.


12th September 2011 B.Gregory Iowa


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