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Live Drive Review


I'm no wiz on computers, but this company promises an easy backup ride. What I found was hardly this...and when I got myself into a pickle, the customer service had the veins at my temple throbbing

Backblaze Review


This is mediocre backup at best...and it took a lifetime to upload my files! I was soon saying \'Hello MyPC Backup\'

Vault Logix Review


I used this company for years. They are overpriced, focused on large companies, and could not care less about what the client need is. When my contract is over, I will never use them again and will be much more careful in the future about choosing back up companies.

I never had to retrieve backed up information, and so I can only talk about the quality of service, not the integrity of their back up service itself. They have a dishonest approach to doing business and a contract that is onerous to say the least. They make it extremely difficult to stop using their service, and could not care less about the client, only about the client\\\'s monthly payment.

Carbonite Review


Carbonite is a nifty little backup program that takes of my small biz perfectly. It hits the spot in almost every area. I won't be leaving them anytime soon. Tech support could do with speeding up a bit, but apart from that you've got a winner here. Me like!

Windows SkyDrive Review


As you'd expect from Microsoft this is a friednly service. Because of the competitive market the price is also very cheap along with great storage options and even a nice free option too. But in terms of features it's not up there with the leaders of this cloud race yet. If you are looking for a cheap yet more basic package however, this might be for you.

Mediafire Review


I love the file and folder sharing capabilities. Once you've completed the intial backup of all your data, you can start to enjoy these really cool features. If you've got family or friends abroad it's a perfect way of sending photos, music, and videos to them. :)

4Shared Review


4Shared just doesnt cut the mustard for me. Not only were they kinda limited when it came to therir features and functionality, I struggled to get to grips with their control panel. All in all, not good. I crossed over to JustCloud and was staggered to see how much better their service was.

Safe Copy Backup Review


I ran into problems soon after backing up my data. I knew my laptop was on its last legs and this was the reason for abcking up. But after I did, I couldnt get my files abck...for a long time. I nearly died. And so did my business. Let me tell you that a week is a long time without data!!!

F-Secure Review


The apps works well and so does the whole system overall. Backups and restore can be done quickly and the up/downtime is good.

However, I don't think I've seen such a basic system. It does the bare minumum really, and so I moved to MyPCBackup before too long...

SugarSync Review


Wow, I'm really impresed with this backup provider. SugarSync is perfect for me because of its streaming for music and mobile app features. Features are in absolute abundance here. As I'm always going from place to place I'd recommend this to anyone who can't sit still...and loves music!

iDrive Review


This is definately a well thought out service. Their highest points are storage, tech supp and features. My small home business is greatly protected thanks to this product.

Thanks iDrive!

Mozy Review


This a good supplier of the cloud and I can see why they are in the chart currently. This is an all round good service that has done me proud over the last few months. As an amateur photographer this is great for storing high res photos and short films. Mozy is great!

Amazon online backup Review


I'm no critic, but, although this service is value for money, I don't think it's at the top of the list of providers right now. Features are good but I've seen other providers who offer more...for less. As you expect from a company as big as this though, it's of course produced well.

FileSwap Review


The only thing I wanted to swap for this supplier. They weren't the worst of the worst probably, but I they had their moments when I couldnt retrieve my data and it went on for weeks till I could recover. Storage space for your dollar wasn't worth the service also.

Penny Backup Review


I can appreciate this vendor for how it has tried to be different with it's unique pay plans. It's not the ultimate in terms of features, etc, but will save you $'s overall. It's a good little app, but it depends what you're looking for. If you're after plenty of features and don't mind spending a bit more then you need to look elsewhere. However, I lvoed this app personally.

Backupify Review


This provider is OK, gives you average features including some take it or leave social network backuping, but apart from this is very average and is unliklely to capture the world's attention. Medicre backup.

Yotta Vault Review


They offer a good all-round service and make me a very happy customer. I'm no technology expert, so what's more to say. It's affordable and practivcal and relieves me of daily backups so I can't criticize it much

ADrive Review


There's actually wrong with this provider, and I can't really moan because they are not exactly a huge company. But I must admit I was looking for a plentiful amoutn of features...and, to be honest, to jsut be spoilt when it came to the overall cloud experience. They are not expensive and offer a basic experience, but in the end I moved to MyPC Backup because they are market leaders and real cheap too

iCloud Review


It's true that this is a sleak ultra easy to use program and is a good addition from apple. There's nothing particularly bad about it, it's just that I've noticed providers who offered more for less in way of storage and features thats all. I think once they improve on these things they might come out as front runners

SOS Online Backup Review


It's true what they say about hard drives having short lives and being destined for the chop. It happened to me, but luckily SOS saved me! They have nice features and a user friendly interface that is almost too easy to use really. That's not a complaint by the way.

Overall, it's a great product that's deserving of the top 10.

Elephant Drive Review


I don't know whether it's happened to anyone else or not, but I had a few errors that would pop up sometimes when I was uploading files. It was only every now and again but it was really bugging! I wanted simple...not stressful. As I use this as a business I really did need 100% functionality, so I soon moved to JustCloud. They are like a dream!

iBackup Review


As a student who needs file security because of winded assignments and coursework, I needed a reliable system that could backup my work in case my laptop died again. I can't say how happy I am with this product. It's clean and so user friendly. It's quite cheap as well if you're looking for low storage plans

Google online backup Review


Of course every has heard of Google and for this reason lot's of people will probably fancy trying out their new backup storage. The truth of the matter is that though they integrate goodle docs and the like with their system, their system is very limited compared to other suppliers. On the plus side though they offer good storage space and good file sharing for cheap money

ShareFile Review


I haven't tried using any other providers per se, but found this software to be very useful in serving my backup needs. I particularly liked the unlimited user feature amongst other cool features. I know not everyone would agree with me, but I guess sometiimes it just comes down to personal preference

Open Drive Review


While I agree Open Drive is fairly comprehensive in terms of features, I don't think that it's miles above other retailers and certainly isn't deserving to be in the top 10. However, this isn't a bad system for personal use and regular everyday backups for music and other multimedia

Crash Plan Review


I'm a fan of this provider big time. Not everything was perfect, but because I found them value for money I'm not going to moan. I don't know if they are market leaders, all I know is that they took care of business when ti came to my own personal file storage needs :)

Concentsus Review


I really like this program but have one problem with's a little pricey won't you sign up and realise the costs. However, if you don't parting with a bit more cash than other providers this is probably a good one for you. I can appreciate that the features are very reliable and useful though

MyOtherDrive Review


My Other Drive is definately a rather average backup provider. There's nothing unique or particularly interesting about their, but at least their backup system works fully. You'd be doing yourself a favor to look elsewhere unless you're a fan of average products

MiMedia Review


MiMedia has some really handy little features. The recovery and backup features themselves work flawlessly. I'd be interested in seeing if other providers can match this particular area of service. Even though the service isn't perfect in every area, I regard this to be a value for money product that is worthy being recommended.

Dropbox Review


Before installing I'd heard great things about this company's service, but grankly I found it dreadfully average and soon found myself looking toward other providers. It just seemed a little basic when I was expecting something outstanding...

Mozy Pro Review


If you want a good cloud system to throw out the need for self backuping at work, this is it. I've never used standard Mozy but this version is exceptional. My IT guy can now worry about other things rather than backing up. I'm happy...I'm sure he's probably happy about that as well.

Carbonite Pro Review


Carbonite Pro is awesome and works very well on your PC. But it needs to be said that its asking price is way above what it should be worth...or at least a few notches. When you compare it to the original, you start to wonder whether the Pro version is really worth.

It seems that if you think you need Pro, you firstly need to look into it and work out just what it is you're getting. I only upgraded because I was familiar with the previous standard version.

But it is a good program that never fails. Maybe that's why it is so expensive? Not too sure.

Keep It Review


Keep it, as my title suggests, is worth keeping. This is because it is genuinly good and affordable in means of home user capabilities. The first thing I always do before I get a new product is ring up tech support.

They answered within a good period of time so I was happy with this and therefore gave the product a drive. I'm happy so far so have to recommend to any other domestic users.

Druva Review


For my home life, ie. music, videos, photos (of which I have a lot), this was ideal. I've played around with the features, some of which I don't even need to use, and they work very well consistently.

Just groovy.

Egnyte Review


The website assured me this was a 'user-friendly' must have app, but I found it hard difficult to configure and work out and that the customer service was awful. I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy!

Backup And Share Review


I don't want to waste anytime discussing this product because it just gave me nightmares from day one. My advice is to grab one of the top 10 on here and you won't regret it. It's true that you should do your homework first people. And I was the sore loser in the end. Checkout Zip Cloud if you want to see the future of the cloud.

Storage Guardian Review


This system seems to have its strengths and weakness. A few glitches and errors seem to like to show themselves from time to time, so I definately can't give it full marks. When it wants to work, though, it works very well. Its best feature is probably its customer support. I found them to be responsive and helpful.

Google Drive Gdrive Review


I setup GDrice expecting fireworks and great things but found that's pretty simple and doesn't do simple things that my friend's alternative providers give them. These are simple things like File Versioning. Only time will tell if I will stick around with GDrive. I guess it's cheap enough for now, but eventually I might need a bit more meat.

You Send It Review


This provider's website makes many a promise...

Lets just say those promises never come to fruition...unless you're prepared to start spending more money for little things you'd think were free. As lots of other providors are offering lots more in terms of service, features and support, why on earth should I stick with these people?

JustCloud is now my provider.

Box Review


This is perfect for my small printing business. Files are backed up meaning me and my staff no longer have to worry about the safety and loss of files. Also viruses and malware aren't an issue anymore either. It saves on expenses as I no longer need to buy external devices to backup our files.

I'm impressed and would recommend to anyone.

Instant Computer Backup Review


I came into difficulties when using the basic free trial. So of course I wanted to look elsewhere for another provider. To be honest even when I was speaking to the customer support and they were trying to tell me about the features I could get if I signed up I wasn't that sold on signign up.

I've since installed JustCloud as a replacement and am much happier with their options and user friendliness of their control panel and website.

KineticD Review


I use this in my small business and so far my employee who checks over it every now and again doesn't complain. It seems to work well and back up our important files which are of course very important to us. It's a nice addition to the office and the cost is a good figure that is affordable.

I'm no expert but it seems to be pretty good.

Diino Review


I guess I was in a bit of a rush when I downloaded this app, installed and signed up. But come on... How unclear could it have been when it offered limitless storage one minute and then the next it was 100GB?

I wouldn't mind if it could make up in other areas of his actual app...but it doesn't. It's so basic. If I were running this company, I'd be thinking about how I could make it stand out from others. But it seems like it's instead happy to shuffle along at the back of the queue...

JungleDisk Review


Signed up and thought everything was sound. Features function well and I was backing up my files for local travel very well. But then...hidden charges! Stupidly I didnt look into the small print...if it ever existed.

Control panel and overall features are good, but be wary...your monthly fee doesn't cover add. charges.

Zip Cloud Review


Brilliant app that will solve all your file storage needs and possibly more. I am so impressed with this. User friendly and good value for money. Syncing and file versioning is great if you're on the move constantly. Love Zip Cloud!

MyPCBackup Review


Aftrer much deliberation, I finally took a chance on this companie. And I've never looked back because it is simply a compact and quick running program that meets all my requirements when it comes to back up utilities. I recommend to anyone

Backup Genie Review


It works very well indeed, its so much more than sync and online storage which most backup companies now offer. These guys offer automated and scheduled backups, file versioning which i love being a writer plus they have a great referral program

JustCloud Review


I signed up to JustCloud about 6 months ago and I couldn't be happier. I live in the UK but my family live in the US so I wanted an online backup system which also excelled in file sharing so that I could keep in touch easily. I like to send them pictures and videos so JustCloud was the perfect choice.

JustCloud leaves me reassured that all my work and personal documents are safe and has features that make it so much more than a online backup service....well to me at least.

If there's an option for lifetime membership, sign me up!