ViperVault Launch Online Backup Service

Posted: Friday 18th January 2013

UK-based distributor of cloud services and IT security, Softek, has recently announced the launch of its own online backup and data recovery service known as ViperVault, which also includes an innovative new Continuity Cloud feature.

With ViperVault, no matter the size, all businesses can quickly backup and secure any file server, computer, notebook, or any other device which houses critical data, to a highly secure offsite data center.

Should a data disaster strike, resulting from incidents such as a flood, fire, theft or hardware corruption or failure, the service’s Continuity Cloud feature benefits users by allowing them to Spin-Up servers, restoring access to their backed up data.

Softek Sales Director, Shameem Ibrahim, stated: ‘We’re delighted to be able to launch ViperVault here in the United Kingdom. Although there are numerous online backup solutions available out there, we are confident that none are as comprehensive as ViperVault.’

‘In addition to being able to natively backup any Windows, Linux, or Mac computer, we’ve been closely working with Dell to ensure their AppAssure backup customers are completely supported by ViperVault, and also with StorageCraft Inc to support customers of ShadowProtect.’

‘Business customers continue to tell us that data security is their primary concern. With our services, users can create and manage their own encryption keys, meaning that nobody but the key holder has access to files. Combined with the fact you truly only pay for that of which you use, makes ViperVault the complete online backup and data security service.’

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