MyPC Backup’s New Online Backup Feature

Posted: Tuesday 27th November 2012

It’s just came to our attention that our number 1 online backup provider, MyPC Backup, has added yet another noticeably handy aspect to its impressive roster of features. In addition to all of the usual suspects of online backup (such as file sharing and automated scheduled backups), we’ve come to grow fond of more recent features like in-browser syncing which allows you to sync in seconds from any computer—even if it doesn’t have the desktop control panel installed.

When you search through your backed up photos now, you will be able to immediately see the image each file contains next to its name. This view can be toggled in no time by simply clicking on the Open Thumbnail View button. After you’ve located a file you’re considering recovering, you can even preview it within your browser to take a closer look by clicking it once.

Though it may seem like a small addition to their services, it’s surprising just how much of a difference it can make when recovering photos—especially if you’re trying to find a select few from countless albums!

For more information on MyPC Backup’s online backup services and features, you can visit their website where they are currently offering free trial versions of their software.

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