What Makes My PC Backup Our Numero Uno Provider?

Posted: Saturday 15th September 2012

You’ve probably already had a quick glance over our top 10 best PC backup providers, haven’t you? But just what is it that gets our numero uno provider, My PC Backup, riding the top spot?

Well, it’s a number of elements from their popular and proven service that has ticked many of our criteria boxes. The thing that separates My PC Backup from a lot of other competition is its ability to remain well rounded, offering a piece of every aspect of PC backup to its users.

Its recently released iPad and iPhone apps, along with new super-speed updates for download and uploads, are testament to how determined the PC backup provider is to staying relevant in the industry. Their innovative browser syncing, also a new feature, is especially handy, since it means that if you’re on a friend’s computer, for example, you don’t need any software installed to sync files quickly.

Given this provider’s excellent Mac backup compatibility, and the fact that pricing models still remain highly competitive (even with unlimited backup included), it becomes evident why this PC backup provider has got that extra something over the competition.

And finally, then there’s all those abundant—and amazingly simple to use—features too. There are a whole bunch on offer such as file sharing, file syncing, browser syncing, file versioning, automated scheduled backups, drag and drop, and 24/7 support.

Enough said!

We congratulate My PC Backup for being awarded the #1 spot and hope to see them carry on providing the excellent service they have done so far to date.

LiveDrive Launches PC Backup Chromebook App

Posted: Sunday 19th August 2012

As Google’s Chromebooks continue to sell, there are more and more users running the new operating system who are in need of backing up their important files to the cloud. Due to it being a relatively new system, not all PC backup providers are yet providing the software necessary for building the bridge to the cloud.

However, it has recently been confirmed that UK based PC backup company, LiveDrive, is one of them, which has had its app available since the 10th August. Whether users have a notebook which runs Chromebook, or a stationary desktop computer which runs Chromebox, they are covered, with one click uploads on offer which can make the act of sending files to PC backup a doddle.

‘We have seen the issues Chromebook users have been faced with and we wanted to help our customers make the most out of their new devices,’ a LiveDrive spokesperson stated. ‘This app is the perfect partner for the Google devices.’

LiveDrive is currently one of the market leading providers of PC backup, and features at number 7 on our top 10 list.

Dropbox Confesses to another Security Breach

Posted: Tuesday 7th August 2012

Just days ago, global online PC backup company, Dropbox, reported the disappointing news that it had once again made another slip up in way of its security network, confirming that the leakage of email addresses belonging to their users was indeed due to a hack.

The debate surrounding Dropbox’s attention toward its security measures started four weeks ago when its users (mainly located in Europe) suddenly out of the blue started receiving junk mail from online casinos. It didn’t take long for users to respond irately, wanting immediate answers as to why outside sources had gotten hold of their email addresses.

The household-named online PC backup provider has now revealed that it all came as the result of a stolen password which was used by a hacker to access a member of staff’s account. It was here that the unknown attacker got their hands on a list of email addresses.

On a recent blog article, Dropbox expressed its apologies: ‘Keeping Dropbox secure is at the heart of what we do, and we’re taking steps to improve the safety of your Dropbox. We’re sorry about this, and have put additional controls in place to help make sure it doesn’t happen again.’

This seems all little too late, though, what with last year’s breach due to negligence from a programmer’s error which left the company’s users’ files accessible to anyone for over four hours.

Dropbox seriously needs to start paying closer attention to its security systems which it has in place, not just for the sake of maintaining its own customer base, but because it is beginning to hurt the reputation of those online PC backup companies big and small which have managed to keep their own security slates clean without trouble since setting up.

Online PC Backup; White Labeling Explained…

Posted: Saturday 28th July 2012

There’s no question about it, online PC backup is making our daily lives easier. Thanks to this innovative storage system, data access, synchronization and safety are no longer a dream, but a reality which is available to us all. This doesn’t just apply to wealthy businesses either—it literally applies to everyone! This is due to its affordable range of packages which can be of benefit to all users no matter what their requirements or budget.

However, lots of people are now asking ‘What’s white labeling?’

This is a good question since it’s currently being thrown around a lot on PC backup supplier’s websites. It’s quite simple, though, really. The term white labeling generally applies to when an already developed product is supplied to a customer who can then brand it with another title or name of their choice.

And of course, in terms of online PC backup software, this is also the case when it comes to offering re-sellers programs. Once a user becomes part of this program, they are given the ability to sell a fully functional product to their own customers without interference from the original supplier.

Resellers can customize their software by writing over the ‘white label’ with their own brand name, etc, to create a personalized product which can either be utilized solely as an independent business or be attached to a website to generate extra sales.

JustCloud’s Online PC Backup Drag & Drop

Posted: Tuesday 3rd July 2012

JustCloud is one of the leading online PC backup providers around, catering both for business and home users, currently holding the number two mantel in our top ten listings.

Skirting the line nicely between complex and simple, its software can carry out a number of tasks through user friendly controls which won’t take its users much time to become familiar with.

JustCloud offers you a ‘best of’ plethora of the most popular online PC backup utilities such as:

-          Automated scheduled backups

-          File sharing

-          Drag and drop

-          Folder sharing

-          File sharing

-          File syncing

-          File versioning

-          and more…

One of the most useful features of the system is its automated scheduled backups as it allows you to forget about backing up completely! But…what if at some point you had a particularly important file that needed to be backed up immediately which simply couldn’t wait for the scheduled backup to kick in?

You could change the schedule time, couldn’t you? Or, you could simply take advantage of something called ‘drag and drop’ which allows you to manually add files to your cloud effortlessly.

To do this with JustCloud, all you need to do is open up your desktop control panel, click on Drag & Drop, and then literally just drag and drop any files you wish into the control panel.

And that’s it. Done.

Drag and drop; just another helpful online PC backup tool.

What’s the Secret of ZipCloud’s Online PC Backup?

Posted: Thursday 21st June 2012

ZipCloud has been a strong contender in the top 10 for some time now, displaying great endurance and many great reviews from customers.

But what is it that’s kept it there for all this time? Is it its clean interface and smooth design and range of features such as File Sharing, File Syncing, Drag and Drop and File Versioning that have been ticking all the right boxes?

Probably. But besides this, it could be one other thing.

It could be the subtle way that it delivers itself, with its user-friendly functions and controls existing somewhere between simple and complex in terms of their abilities. This is quite something for an online PC backup company to master, for a lot of people have often found that some providers either offer limited easy to use features, or, many over-complicated to use features. All of this is offered with some very competitive price options to boot.

And so maybe ZipCloud’s online PC backup is really onto something here. Even when their free two week trial version is played around with, it is plain to see that this is a company who has certainly looked at the world of cloud computing with a different perspective. And this is never a bad thing.

Why not try out their online PC backup service free of charge today to see if you agree?

We Trust Banks with Money, So Why Not Trust Online PC Backup with Files?

Posted: Wednesday 13th June 2012

When it comes to online PC backup, there is still a lot of cynicism in both the public and business areas. And why not? For this is a perfectly normal response; it’s only natural that eyebrows are going to rise before people start to see what this seemingly radical new system is really all about.

OK, of course it’s obvious what it’s all about in a general way. But in terms of the larger picture and what it could mean for the world, this image can often be overclouded by feelings of suspicion and mistrust. Understandable, but, hopefully these pre-technological revolution feelings won’t last too long.

And it’s likely that they won’t, because eventually, like a lot of other systems, it should become the norm.

Take banking, for example. We all use it, would never turn back to hiding our money under our beds, and would never question whether banking is a wise money storage device. But it wasn’t always like this. In the beginning people didn’t know whether to trust these companies. But it didn’t take long for people to start feeling the added benefits. History simply happened, and the results remain with us today.

And that’s all online PC backup is: the next stage in file storage. All that’s happening is we are gradually replacing easily losable, breakable, and short life-spanned devices such as hard drives, writeable compact discs, flash drives, and others, with a better alternative. Online PC backup is also replacing limited file access with worldwide file access, which is protected by the highest levels of encryption. And this is just the start.

It may take a while, but in the end we are all sure to benefit from the advantages on offer. Just remember, planes were once considered dangerous until we discovered just how much safer they were compared to our automobiles…

Online PC Backup; Automated Backups the JustCloud Way

Posted: Saturday 9th June 2012

If there’s one thing that is instantly noticeable about online PC backup vendor, JustCloud, it’s how easy its system is to use. Take its core feature of backup, for example, which can run be carried out in three different ways, those being Automated Scheduled, (all the way up to 1 hour), Manual, and Drag and Drop. There are other providers who offer these functions, but it’s the sheer level of user-friendliness that really puts JustCloud’s PC backup on another level.

If we take a brief look at how users can setup and utilise one of the aspects of this feature, this fact becomes very clear.

We’ll start off by looking at Scheduled Backups.

Setting it up requires you to do nothing—this is because it’s setup automatically upon installation. However, if you suspect it isn’t currently operating, you can enable it by doing the following.

Open your JustCloud desktop control panel. Click Settings and then Schedule. Now change the Backup Schedule from Manual to Daily or Hourly. Note: Users who want to backup their data through a more complex backup schedule will need to click Advanced Schedule, followed by Edit Schedule. Finally, apply the time you wish for backups to commence by altering the Backup Start Time. Click OK to complete the process.

And that’s how you do it. Pretty simple, we think.

JustCloud’s online PC backup can be tried and tested by downloading its free two week trial version now.

Online PC Backup Eliminates Needless Commutes

Posted: Thursday 24th May 2012

Online PC backup brings a lot to today’s cloud market. A lot of companies already boast excellence in automated backups, file collaboration, unlimited storage, multiple device synchronisation, and disk imagery, to name just a few. Many people think that this is all that can be benefited from online PC backup—and they’re almost right.

So what else is there to benefit from, then? How else could online PC backup help its users? Well, for a start, it could easily be said that it can save employees some petrol. And it’s not hard to understand why. No—online PC backup isn’t going to fill up your tank. But it might just be able to eliminate a few unnecessary trips back to the office.

Because human’s memories don’t always operate as well as we wish they would, sometimes after leaving work for the day we ask ourselves: Did I forget to do something? Sometimes it’s just not worth worrying about till the next day, but other times it’s a worry you just can’t put off. Did I make those crucial changes to that spreadsheet which needs to be sent off tomorrow? If you did, great. If you didn’t, it could mean a trip to the principal’s office. So chances are, you’re going to have to turn the car back around to go and find out.

But with online PC backup this needn’t be the case, because you can get to the bottom of your worries by viewing your office documents from the comfort of your own home. This is because now it’s easily possible for businesses to share work files with their employees through alternate location access.

With online PC backup, it’s possible that somewhere along the line we can all save a bit or petrol.

Non-Believers Still Shy Away From PC Backup

Posted: Wednesday 16th May 2012

Although huge numbers of people are enjoying the fruits PC backup has to offer, the popular system still has its fair share of non-believers. This section of the public appear to be hesitant for a couple of main reasons. They fear for the safety of their data and question the integrity of its would-be guardians. However, many vendors and current customers of the PC backup revolution would tell you otherwise.

If we examine these two reasons which harbor the worry element of the matter, we can understand why fear shouldn’t enter the equation. We’ll start with privacy. Given that vendors are constantly driven toward creating the safest of data storage centers and providing a user-friendly service, it is not in their interest to look at your files. Remember, you are the customer—and they work for YOU. Secondly, security is not something that should give anyone the shakes either. Vendors use the securest of servers to store your data. Just Cloud, for instance, uses a heavily monitored Amazon S3 data center.

If people were to think logically about PC backup, more and more people could be benefiting from this new wave of storage technology long before they experience any inevitable data loss.