Online Backup Launched by British Telecom

Posted: Friday 8th February 2013

It’s no secret that online backup prices have been consistently dropping over the past two years, so much so that the service, which was once considered a luxury only corporations and enterprises could afford, is now something everyday businesses and personal users can adopt cheaply.

However, it’s not just the plummeting prices which have kept this service expanding, finding its way onto personal computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones—if it were, it would have died out not long after its inception!

In addition to the big players of the industry—such as Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive and MyPC Backup—there is a new provider who has entered the field this month.

The online backup service has been launched by internet service provider British Telecom (BT). The service will be linked to their broadband, with each client’s storage capacity variable depending on which internet package they are set up with. Two different plans will be available of 2GB and 50GB storage. A disclaimer has been released from the company stating that activities which infringe upon copyright laws won’t be supported.

Users will be able to set up their account by downloading the application, which is available for iOS and Android platforms, and activating their account by following the on-screen directions. Options such as automatic backup of content from tablets, PCs and smartphones will be included.

Both the online backup Android and iOS-based applications can be found in the Google Play and iTunes Stores.

ViperVault Launch Online Backup Service

Posted: Friday 18th January 2013

UK-based distributor of cloud services and IT security, Softek, has recently announced the launch of its own online backup and data recovery service known as ViperVault, which also includes an innovative new Continuity Cloud feature.

With ViperVault, no matter the size, all businesses can quickly backup and secure any file server, computer, notebook, or any other device which houses critical data, to a highly secure offsite data center.

Should a data disaster strike, resulting from incidents such as a flood, fire, theft or hardware corruption or failure, the service’s Continuity Cloud feature benefits users by allowing them to Spin-Up servers, restoring access to their backed up data.

Softek Sales Director, Shameem Ibrahim, stated: ‘We’re delighted to be able to launch ViperVault here in the United Kingdom. Although there are numerous online backup solutions available out there, we are confident that none are as comprehensive as ViperVault.’

‘In addition to being able to natively backup any Windows, Linux, or Mac computer, we’ve been closely working with Dell to ensure their AppAssure backup customers are completely supported by ViperVault, and also with StorageCraft Inc to support customers of ShadowProtect.’

‘Business customers continue to tell us that data security is their primary concern. With our services, users can create and manage their own encryption keys, meaning that nobody but the key holder has access to files. Combined with the fact you truly only pay for that of which you use, makes ViperVault the complete online backup and data security service.’

MyPC Backup’s New Online Backup Feature

Posted: Tuesday 27th November 2012

It’s just came to our attention that our number 1 online backup provider, MyPC Backup, has added yet another noticeably handy aspect to its impressive roster of features. In addition to all of the usual suspects of online backup (such as file sharing and automated scheduled backups), we’ve come to grow fond of more recent features like in-browser syncing which allows you to sync in seconds from any computer—even if it doesn’t have the desktop control panel installed.

When you search through your backed up photos now, you will be able to immediately see the image each file contains next to its name. This view can be toggled in no time by simply clicking on the Open Thumbnail View button. After you’ve located a file you’re considering recovering, you can even preview it within your browser to take a closer look by clicking it once.

Though it may seem like a small addition to their services, it’s surprising just how much of a difference it can make when recovering photos—especially if you’re trying to find a select few from countless albums!

For more information on MyPC Backup’s online backup services and features, you can visit their website where they are currently offering free trial versions of their software.

Online Backup; Google Services Feel China’s Boot

Posted: Tuesday 13th November 2012

Google’s relationship with China over the years has been anything but smooth, mainly due to its censorship-state’s habit of restricting public access to available internal and worldwide information. Even after rerouting searches made by mainland China to Hong Kong’s servers in an effort to remove censorship, the government soon caught wind and firmly began to lock the doors to websites and pages of their choosing.

Just a few days ago, Google, along with many of its other siblings such online backup service Google Drive, became blocked to the country’s public. It came as a result of the Eighteenth Chinese Party Congress, a meeting which occurs when new leadership is to be appointed.

It was first noticed by Google Transparency Report, a website that recorded a considerable drop in daily traffic figures.

Many of China’s Google using citizens will no doubt have been strongly affected if they previously used the company’s services on a regular basis, such as for when checking emails through Gmail, and uploading and accessing their data through Google Drive online backup.

Cancer Research UK Heightens Storage Performance by Implementing Online Backup

Posted: Monday 1st October 2012

Cancer Research UK has employed the use of a private online backup provider which has boosted their storage performance levels by thirty percent. This is all thanks to a recent investment in EMC technologies, VMware virtualisation, and cloud infrastructure software.

The UK charity has expressed that it has considerably reduced costs along with the time spent on data backup and disaster recovery procedures, and expects its EMC backup and recovery solution to comfortably pay for itself within approximately eighteen months.

The charity’s Head of Infrastructure, Michael Briggs, has suggested that organizations should strongly suggest online backup adoption to optimize the security and accessibility of their data.

The implementation itself has allowed IT staff to provide its three and half thousand employees with quicker and more reliable access to supporter data, donor databases, and mission-critical applications on which fundraising and marketing activities depend upon.

The charity believes that its new improvements in storage, due to the online backup technology’s benefits, will make it possible for the organization to accommodate its yearly thirty percent data growth while staying within its budget boundaries.

The adoption of online backup in this case is clearly set to continually help the data infrastructure side of the charity, allowing for their great work to continue, both manageably and financially.

Baidu Planning to Make a Big Impact on Eastern Online Backup

Posted: Wednesday 5th September 2012

Baidu Inc., China’s leading web search engine provider, stated at the beginning of this week that it has plans to invest a large sum of money in an online backup data center, with a figure of around just over $1.5 billion dollars in mind. The eastern company has not shed light onto any details as of yet on how they intend to fund their plans or on where the center will be situated.

In an effort to conquer the growing mobile internet industry in its native land, it’s been working hard at establishing itself with online backup at the forefront as its main objective to expand upon. Baidu already offer online backup to its users as a way of luring them into using its other web and mobile-related services such as its new mobile browser that offers speedy surfing and apps that run co-operatively with the browser.

Back in 2010 when Google pulled its search services out of China, limiting itself then to Hong Kong, Baidu quickly established itself as the country’s number one search engine. But as the numbers of people switching to mobile internet access via mobile routes began to increase—meaning that they were using alternate search engines—Baidu found themselves with no choice but to establish their own smartphone operating systems.

Baidu Inc. certainly seems like it could be the front runner of mobile online backup to millions of users, an eastern Google if you will, especially with the way that it still continues to work with handset manufacturers in a bid to push its software to the max.

Nirvanix Online Backup Top Dog for Fox

Posted: Tuesday 28th August 2012

One of the kings of enterprise-standard online backup services, Nirvanix, has just revealed that its newest customer is the Fox Networks Group. The broadcasting giant will utilize the online backup provider’s proven abilities which specialize in key areas such as digital content collaboration and security which they hope to increase the speed of accessibility nationally in the United States and on an international scale also.

So confident in the far less restrictive advantages of online backup, the company has also decided to fully implement Nirvanix’s alternative cloud system as a sole means of data storage and distribution, finally pulling the plug on their old method of tape backup.

Nirvanix isn’t just an online backup provider that can bring high levels of data consistency to the table, it’s also one that can handle a ton of content, meaning that files spawned from filming, editing, photography and rendering, will not be too much for its system to handle.

With more and more corporate companies such as Fox, Dreamworks and Pixar teaming up with online backup, it is becoming very clear that it’s a system that is beginning to seriously take flight and spread its wings within industry. Greater data safety and distribution between offices, along with reduced costs in recoveries and IT departments, are likely to be some of the top reasons for this rise in popularity.

China Mobile Ltd Planning to Offer Online Backup to Users

Posted: Wednesday 22nd August 2012

One of the world’s largest mobile operators, China Mobile Ltd, is reportedly planning to offer an online backup service to its many Chinese customers by the tail-end of 2012.

The online backup service they’ll be supplying will be known as the Mcloud, which is likely to bear similarities to Apple’s iCloud. The system and software are currently in the process of being tested.

The Chinese juggernaut plans to give users up to 16GB of storage space for free, in a bid to compete with its iCloud competitor who currently offers 5GB.

The deputy manager of China Mobile Ltd’s data business department, Shen Hongqun, has expressed that the Mcloud will be a ‘digital information bank’ for mobile online users. Hongqun went on to say: ‘In the past, people deposited valuables in banks. Now, as we enter a digital life era, we have new demands to keep our information, such as messages, files and photos, safe.’

Mcloud online backup is intended to help their users manage all the crucial areas of personal and business information such as music, video, images, location information and documents.

A Golden Olympics for America—But a Last Place for Data Loss

Posted: Friday 17th August 2012

The Olympic Games were a major success for London and the countries involved. And of course, we Americans also have a few bragging rights when it comes to the medal accumulation leader board, too!

This is great news, but there is another serious issue that needs to be addressed. And that is data loss through theft and loss of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks. This number is around the sixty six thousand mark—a worryingly high figure, with a third of these being smartphones.

The total of all the lost data is approximately an enormous 220 terabytes. And this doesn’t even take into account the data lost from notebooks and tablets.

This may seem like an unbelievable number, but when you consider just what we as mobile technology users are carrying on our phones these days, it’s easier to come to terms with. Just take your own smartphone, for example. Think about the amount of photos, videos, music, apps, messages, emails, games and contacts you currently have.

You’ve probably now realized just how much data that little device in your pocket’s storing, haven’t you? And so isn’t it worth guaranteeing that you’ll never lose any of those files?

The easiest way to do this is with an online backup app which can be installed onto your smartphone.

Online backup can automatically backup your files to the cloud, securing them for you behind heavy walls of encryption just in case the worst should happen. It can also synchronize commonly used files between your other devices as well, meaning that if one of them were to disappear on you, you’d instantly have access from other devices such as notepads or tablets.

So don’t run the risk, use online backup. Whether your smartphone runs on iOS, Android, or Windows, there is an app for you.

Data Security Experts Encourage Online Backup for SB’s

Posted: Saturday 4th August 2012

Rachael Dines, a Forrester Research analyst, explained through an interview with Tech Target the many reasons why business owners should strongly consider bringing an online backup system into their small companies.

Although all businesses could feel the benefits, smaller ones who may have far more limited backup resources and money to invest in this area, could feel them in particular.

Throughout the interview she discussed a number of elements that make online backup a very effective and cost efficient system to have in place. For example:

-          Much less focus and time spent worrying about backing up – Online backup can automatically backup data on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis, and requires little time spent configuring from employees, increasing their productivity in other areas of their duties

-          Cost cutting – Online backup can cut data backup costs in a big way, and since small businesses may have considerably less data than medium and large sized businesses, they may be able to benefit from cheaper lower storage accounts

-          Quicker recoveries – Compared to recovery rates from cumbersome technologies such as tapes, online backup can be up to five times faster, meaning less downtime, and less chance of financial ruin

-          Outside the office access – Due to remote storage, backed up business files can be accessed and worked on from any internet-ready device outside the office, whether on business, or even from the comfort of the home armchair

So, have you thought about online backup for your small business yet? It could be more affordable and beneficial than you think…