Data Loss – What Would You Give up to Get it Back?

Posted: Thursday 3rd November 2011

When discussing Online Storage, there are facts that surprise us all.

These statistics released last week by Wakefield Research and the Online Backup provider Carbonite, really do deserve a second look.

•50% of Americans would rather lose all of their vacation/holiday time for a whole year than lose all of the files and folders on their computer.

•38% of married Americans feel it would be far worse to lose everything on their computer, than to lose their own wedding ring.

•62% said they would be willing to pay vast sums of money to get back their lost data if their computer died, 21% said they would pay $500, while 27% said they would pay as much as they needed to, to retrieve it.

•34% would be willing to give up beer and wine for a year, in return for their data

I really think i would struggle with the last one! – What would you be willing to give up if you lost your data?

Chris G

Keeping Up With the Times: Data Backup Services

Posted: Wednesday 9th March 2011

None of us like to feel like we’re “behind the times.” Many of us want the newest technology as soon as it comes out because we like to be on the “cutting edge.” We do this with everything from computers, to video game systems, to cell phones, but what about with backing up our hard-drive data?

Many of us want to stay on top of the flashiest technological trends, but what about preserving the important data that we already have? Some of us have older external hard drives that we backup our files onto, but these aren’t nearly as safe or easy as using an online data backup program. Read the rest of this entry »

6 Things to look out for when Choosing a Backup Solution

Posted: Monday 3rd January 2011

When venturing into a new industry it can be hard to decide on the best company or solution to put your trust into and part with your hard earned dollar.

To help make your decision easier we have outlined 6 vital things to look out for when comparing the hundreds of different online storage provider that there is to choose from.

Compare file types

Before even considering a data backup service for all your online storage needs, be sure to check that they support all the files types necessary for you to backup all the files and folders on your computer.

Some data backup services do not allow movie files because they consume too much disk space on the servers. We have come across all sorts of file types that are prohibited from online backup services and you would sometimes be surprised as to what is and isn’t allow. Read the rest of this entry »