First Philippines SME Cloud Storage Service Launches

Posted: Friday 1st March 2013

A brand new cloud storage service focusing on the small to medium-sized enterprise market has recently been launched, with the intention of enabling these SMEs to compete with larger businesses.

Known as IPC Cloud, the cloud storage service was revealed in the midst of a formal signing of the partnership between IP-Converge (a subsidiary of ePLDT) Data Servers Inc. and cloud storage provider Symantec.

President of IP-Converge, Rene Huegas, commented that IPC Cloud is a first for the country, the only cloud storage-based enterprise service which is powered by Symantec NetBackup.

The latest product allows companies to secure and replicate important and sensitive files automatically without the need for mammoth capital expenses toward servers, software licenses, and storage devices.

‘Gone are the days where big beats small,’ he stated, explaining the competition between enterprise and SME. ‘Today, it’s the fast that beats the slow. What matters now is your speed in the market.

Senior Country Manager of Symantec Philippines, Luichi Robles, said the service will also allow SMEs to add a business continuity plan in the unfortunate event of a data disaster.

‘The ability to quickly recover from a disaster is vital for today’s businesses,’ he continued. ‘A solid disaster preparedness and business continuity plan combined with technologies such as cloud storage, allow companies to better prepare and quickly recover from potential disasters.’

He also mentioned that IPC Cloud can perform backups on a regular basis, all for a monthly fee which is based on the actual amount of data stored within the business’ cloud storage account.

According to Symantec’s SMB Disaster preparedness Survey from last year, thirty four percent of SMBs globally are adopting public cloud and server virtualization to optimize data disaster preparedness.

Robles explained that the Philippines comes in third place for being the country most vulnerable to natural disasters, as stated in the World Risk Report which was published by German-based Alliance Development Works in October 2012.

New Web Hosting from Google Drive Online Storage

Posted: Friday 22nd February 2013

Google Drive is of course no stranger to computer and gadget users throughout the world, offering them their own file management services in the vast and thriving industry known as online storage.

Storage and file sharing has been available to users for some time, but there is now also another feature which may prove handy to those utilizing the tech juggernaut’s popular appendage.

This new feature allows for hosted websites to be stored and shared through the service, which is great for those who’ve ever wanted to set up a personal portfolio, landing page, resume, or share development drafts with clients.

Getting started is simple. Create a public folder within Drive and then upload your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files to it. Next, open the starting HTML file with the preview, and after, you can grab a URL to share with whomever you wish. Though pages and files are public, visitors will still need a link to visit them.

This doesn’t serve up PHP files, however. And there’s no word of limitations when it comes to bandwidth, either, so it’s likely this isn’t the best idea for hosting a major website.

If you have a custom domain name, and don’t care much for the long URL from Drive, you should be able to forward the name to the online storage provider. Check your control panel for more info.

To find out more, visit the Google Drive online storage website.

New SkyDrive Cloud Storage Doc Editing—Without Signing In

Posted: Friday 15th February 2013

It’s now known that Google Docs is no longer the only cloud storage office suite used on a mass scale. Microsoft recently announced that its SkyDrive service now hosts over 1 billion documents.

SkyDrive is of course well-known as the tech giant’s cloud storage and syncing appendage, which integrates with the Office Web applications for document editing online. Lead Program Manager (for SkyDrive, Office 365 & Office Web Applications), Sarah Filman, explained through a blog post one of the SkyDrive/Office Web Apps capabilities, which was to allow collaborators to edit documents even if they’re not signed into a Microsoft account.

Though this number may seem phenomenal, one has to hold their judgement until fierce cloud storage competitors such as Google Drive release their own comparative figures, which may well exceed that of Microsoft.

Filman stated that the sign-in-free editing aspect was one of the most popularly asked for by users. ‘One piece of feedback we’ve consistently heard, especially in the student area, is that our current SkyDrive edit links can sometimes be frustrating for recipients when they find they have to sign in or sign up for an account just to carry out a quick edit to a document.’

As well as editing documents individually, all users who receive an edit link can alter a document simultaneously. However, if security is a concern, the sharer can specify that the collaborator firstly signs in.

More information can be found on the SkyDrive website.

Online Backup Launched by British Telecom

Posted: Friday 8th February 2013

It’s no secret that online backup prices have been consistently dropping over the past two years, so much so that the service, which was once considered a luxury only corporations and enterprises could afford, is now something everyday businesses and personal users can adopt cheaply.

However, it’s not just the plummeting prices which have kept this service expanding, finding its way onto personal computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones—if it were, it would have died out not long after its inception!

In addition to the big players of the industry—such as Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive and MyPC Backup—there is a new provider who has entered the field this month.

The online backup service has been launched by internet service provider British Telecom (BT). The service will be linked to their broadband, with each client’s storage capacity variable depending on which internet package they are set up with. Two different plans will be available of 2GB and 50GB storage. A disclaimer has been released from the company stating that activities which infringe upon copyright laws won’t be supported.

Users will be able to set up their account by downloading the application, which is available for iOS and Android platforms, and activating their account by following the on-screen directions. Options such as automatic backup of content from tablets, PCs and smartphones will be included.

Both the online backup Android and iOS-based applications can be found in the Google Play and iTunes Stores.

Dropbox Release Cloud Storage Windows 8 & RT App

Posted: Tuesday 29th January 2013

Cloud storage provider Dropbox has certainly been busy recently.

They’ve now released a new application for Windows 8 and Windows RT users, meaning that those running the most up to date Microsoft operating system, either via their Surface tablet, computer or notebook, will be able to access and manage their cloud storage account from the Start screen.

The free application shows the user all files—such as music, videos, photos and documents—and folders through a tiled display format. The application remains user-friendly for Windows RT users, implementing the swipe and tap features now familiar with other tablets, making file browsing simple, fast, and enjoyable.

This is made particularly easy because of the efficient tool known as Search Charm, which allows you to locate files by extension or title. Users can right click on a file, open Share Charm, and then share it via email or a social network with friends, family and co-workers. Previewing, editing and saving of Microsoft Office documents, plus other files types, stored within a user’s cloud storage account is also possible.

Unfortunately, however, this is about as far as the application’s features stretch. Users can’t view their locally synchronized files or upload new files to their account from their computer or tablet. If this is required, they will have to install Dropbox’s standard cloud storage desktop application, which will provide them with the necessary features.

The Windows 8/RT application is a worthy start from Dropbox, but it still has a way to go if the cloud storage company wish for users to take it as seriously as their standard desktop app.

More information can be found on the Dropbox website.

ViperVault Launch Online Backup Service

Posted: Friday 18th January 2013

UK-based distributor of cloud services and IT security, Softek, has recently announced the launch of its own online backup and data recovery service known as ViperVault, which also includes an innovative new Continuity Cloud feature.

With ViperVault, no matter the size, all businesses can quickly backup and secure any file server, computer, notebook, or any other device which houses critical data, to a highly secure offsite data center.

Should a data disaster strike, resulting from incidents such as a flood, fire, theft or hardware corruption or failure, the service’s Continuity Cloud feature benefits users by allowing them to Spin-Up servers, restoring access to their backed up data.

Softek Sales Director, Shameem Ibrahim, stated: ‘We’re delighted to be able to launch ViperVault here in the United Kingdom. Although there are numerous online backup solutions available out there, we are confident that none are as comprehensive as ViperVault.’

‘In addition to being able to natively backup any Windows, Linux, or Mac computer, we’ve been closely working with Dell to ensure their AppAssure backup customers are completely supported by ViperVault, and also with StorageCraft Inc to support customers of ShadowProtect.’

‘Business customers continue to tell us that data security is their primary concern. With our services, users can create and manage their own encryption keys, meaning that nobody but the key holder has access to files. Combined with the fact you truly only pay for that of which you use, makes ViperVault the complete online backup and data security service.’

CloudSigma CEO to Present at Cloud Storage Visions Conference

Posted: Friday 4th January 2013

Pure cloud infrastructure-as-a-Service supplier, CloudSigma, announced yesterday that its co-founder and CEO, Robert Jenkins, will make a presentation at this year’s Storage Vision Conference, Las Vegas, to highlight the advantages of public cloud storage environments for digital media firms. Google’s product manager, Scott Van Wouldenberg, among many others, will be joining him on the Opportunities & Challenges for Consumer & Enterprise Cloud Storage panel, which is to take place on 7th January, 1:20pm.

Jenkins will reveal how, in this new generation of big data, public cloud storage ecosystems can provide an undeniable solution for the storage of large media productions, no matter their specific requirements. Employing a central cloud storage environment allows media professionals to streamline what used to be an awkward production process.

The ability to swiftly distribute and receive large volumes of data between various locations is also vitally important, due to the fact that most firms are often pushed to the limit as it is when it comes to hitting deadlines.

Jenkins stated: ‘One of the biggest concerns of digital media firms is the potential to over, or under, provision. These organizations require a more efficient method of accessing important data at any production state in a cost effective manner, no matter their geographic locations. One way of removing this concern is by utilizing multiple cloud storage solutions, located in one centralized environment. I’m excited to present at the Storage Visions Conference about the opportunities these organizations have to reduce costs and become prominent, innovative players in the industry of digital media.’

Don’t Lose it This December! (Back it up with Cloud Storage)

Posted: Tuesday 18th December 2012

No, not your temper as you sardine yourself into the shopping mall—we’re talking about your smartphone.

According to cloud storage provider, Mozy, who recently surveyed 3500 people across the United States and Europe, you’re most likely to lose something at six o’clock on a Saturday during the month of December.

The cloud storage provider found that the switchover from work to weekend during the festive season, with all the travelling, celebrations and shopping, seemed to provide the essential ingredients to cook up a bitter recipe of loss.

The top 10 list of possessions most likely to go for a walk were:

1)       smartphone

2)       jewelry

3)       sunglasses

4)       keys

5)       bank/credit card

6)       clothing

7)       umbrella

8)       wallet/purse

9)       identification

10)   paperwork

It was calculated that the average person loses around $250 worth of possessions annually. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, with 55% of those possessions finding their way back due to the kind hearts of strangers.

One terrible fact is highlighted within this list, though: smartphones are at risk! Since they hold a mass of data too, including music, photos and videos, it’s lucky users now have the option to backup their devices in case the worst should happen.

So don’t wait for your smartphone to do a disappearing act—secure it with cloud storage now!

JustCloud’s Mobile Optimized Cloud Storage Control Panel Released

Posted: Thursday 6th December 2012

Once again JustCloud have updated another aspect of their service. In recent weeks the provider seems to have been working around the clock to ensure that they remain one step ahead of their rivals who are always nipping at their heels.

We’ve seen the addition of their new thumbnail feature within their website control panel and iPhone cloud storage app, as well as their new Kindle Fire cloud storage app which was released just days ago. There’s also news of an app which will be soon available to users who own Windows Surface tablets.

The cloud storage provider has also updated their mobile optimized control panel for when users wish to access their accounts directly through their smartphone’s web browsers. They can expect to enjoy a significantly more responsive and efficient service.

For more information on JustCloud’s cloud storage apps, software, and personal and business packages, you can visit their website.

MyPC Backup’s New Online Backup Feature

Posted: Tuesday 27th November 2012

It’s just came to our attention that our number 1 online backup provider, MyPC Backup, has added yet another noticeably handy aspect to its impressive roster of features. In addition to all of the usual suspects of online backup (such as file sharing and automated scheduled backups), we’ve come to grow fond of more recent features like in-browser syncing which allows you to sync in seconds from any computer—even if it doesn’t have the desktop control panel installed.

When you search through your backed up photos now, you will be able to immediately see the image each file contains next to its name. This view can be toggled in no time by simply clicking on the Open Thumbnail View button. After you’ve located a file you’re considering recovering, you can even preview it within your browser to take a closer look by clicking it once.

Though it may seem like a small addition to their services, it’s surprising just how much of a difference it can make when recovering photos—especially if you’re trying to find a select few from countless albums!

For more information on MyPC Backup’s online backup services and features, you can visit their website where they are currently offering free trial versions of their software.