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MyPCBackup review

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MyPCBackup are quickly becoming the #1 leading online computer backup provider in world. With automated backups and an awesome sync folder, MyPCBackup made backing up simple and cool. With fast backups and lots of useful features you can see why they are a customers favourite.

Lots of storage space, an online control panel so you can access your files from anywhere and at anytime and the ability to sync multiple computers make MyPC Backup our #1 recommendation.


MyPCBackup packs every online backup feature possible including desktop app, online control panel, sync folder, multi-location access, scheduling, secure connection, automatic backups and versioning. With just a few clicks your computer will start to backup and any new document updates will sync and be backed up online.


Here at top-10-online-backup we highly recommend MyPCBackup they our #1 pick for the best online computer backup provider. You will love them.


Lots of backup companies have no phone number or evident customer support but this is where MyPCBackup really separates themselves from the competition. They seem very focused on making backing up easy for day-to-day users and so have excelled in their customer support which we personally think is great to see.

When we tested their support we had a email reply within 30 minutes regularly and only once was it past 40 minutes (52 minutes to be exact)

The response was exceptionally good and resolved our dummy issue effectively.


MyPCBackup utilizes Amazon s3 storage which is world renown as the most secrure and reliable online storage facility on the world. It has 99.999999999% guarantee that's how confident they are in the reliability of their service. This equates to just 1 file lost every 10 million years.

MyPCBackup has engineered its own unique server grid which talks to Amazon s3 to give fast recalling of your data.

Ease Of Use

As mentioned in the overview MyPCBackup really makes backing up simple by guiding the user through the whole process in a fresh, easy to follow way. With a 1-click install and automated backups, MyPC Backup was by far the easiest online backup provider we tested.

Value For Money

With the additional support and features you would think MyPCBackup would charge a higher premium but actually they were competitively priced as the lowest priced unlimited option we could find.

Control Panel

MyPCBackup has recently launched the best online contorl panel out of all the online backup providers, which helped tip them over the edge as the best online backup solution. It allows you to easily manage and share files and folders, and best feature is the "locate my laptop" this allows you to logon and see exactly where your laptop is, so if its lost or stolen you can easily locate it again. This feature is free.

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MyPCBackup User ReviewsMyPCBackup Review

Simply wonderful clouding!

Aftrer much deliberation, I finally took a chance on this companie. And I've never looked back because it is simply a compact and quick running program that meets all my requirements when it comes to back up utilities. I recommend to anyone


9th May 2012 Gareth Maine


Feature Filled

There are so many backup providers out there that it took me a while to make a decision, but since choosing MyPc Backup I've never looked back. They offer great value for money and loads of features. Brilliant.


30th April 2012 Hayley Street Los Angeles


Great Value

I did quite a lot of research when looking for a backup provider, MyPC Backup has proven to not only be good value for money but also a provider of some great features. Automated backup is genius. I just set it up and let it backup for me.


30th April 2012 Steven Hollidge Florida


Spectacular Features

I don't think there is a product on the market that has as many useful features to offer as MyPC Backup. It has completely changed how I backup my computer. It's brilliant.


30th April 2012 James Davies New York


My PC Backup

I signed up to MyPC Backup a couple of weeks ago based on good things I had heard from some colleagues. Since being a member I have backed up all my files and been greeted with a new extensive help centre and a new interface. MyPC Backup really seem to be trying to offer the best service possible and I think they are.


30th April 2012 Hannah George Georgia



I have used MyPC Backup for quite a few months now and I have to say I am endlessly impressed with its quality and it's number of features.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that whilst my files are in the hands of MyPC Backup that they are safe. I have used other providers in the past but none have come close to the service I receive from MyPC Backup.

Absolutely Fantastic!


20th March 2012 Juliet London


Perfect for first timers!

I hadn't ever really thought about online backup before until we had a power surge at work and nearly lost everything. It got me thinking what I would do if I lost all my music and God forbid, all my photographs, so I started looking around for a good online backup deal.

Thanks to their easy to follow website, MyPC Backup stood out from the crowd of online backup providers for me. MyPC Backup took away all the reservations I had about installation and file transfer by giving me concise, informative explanations. Knowing my files are backed up on MyPC Backup gives me peace of mind I don't think I'd get with any other provider.


5th March 2012 Alison Belfast


Why look anywhere else?

There genuinely is no need to look any further once you have found MyPC When looking for an online backup provider I want one whose website states what it does and what I need to do to implement it and that's exactly what MyPC Backup does.

Concise, user friendly and 100% automated, MyPC Backup is the only choice when it comes to online storage.


23rd February 2012 Mark London


Fantastic System!

Let me start by getting the only negative out the way - this system does take a day or so to get used to. After that, the system is so easy to use and is easily the most used program on my computer. Everything about it is great, the backups are quick and unlimited and the features are like I haven't seen anywhere else - brilliant.


21st December 2011 Barbara Southampton, UK


Love it

My PC Backup is such a good program, everything about it just works! The features are fantastic like the drag and drop, it just makes it so easy. Also the auto-backup is great, I just set that and leave the program in the background.


20th December 2011 Chelsea Florida


Good features, great space

Being a photographer i have loads of images that i need to backup. i searched for an online backup company that offered unlimited storage. This really narrowed it down and after reading the reviews on here, i decided to go with mypcbackup.

The first backup took a little while, but hey, i got a lot of stuff lol. I can now sync my files between my computers and share my photos with clients.

If you have a lot of data that you need online storage for, mypcbackup is a good option.


13th December 2011 steve lemaq Brighton


My view on MyPCBackup

Having searched throughout google to find the best rated online backup provider, i came across this site and found mypcbackup to be no.1.

After reading the reviews i decided to sign up and it was great. Great user interface, quick signup flow and a nice online account. Free trial is a little small on space but i was serious about buying anyway so it didn\'t mind.

My initial backup took a few days but now its done, i would recommend it to anyone.

Its a good product, and the features are great


9th December 2011 Hillary Bevin Tampa, FL


Looking Forward to using Linux

There arent many Pc Backup companies that offer Linux, though i have been promised it is coming with these guys, i tried their current windows package on my laptop and i have toi say i am very impressed.

Having used Mozy before i know what it is like to upload alot of data and the speed is brilliant - Plus i have never seen pc backup made so easy.

Am going to try out the linux product when availalble, but up until then at least my laptop is safe!


3rd December 2011 Jack Gording Sheffield


Everything i needed and more

As Online Backup services go, mypcbackup really is the best I have ever used.

Unlimited Space, Sync Features, File Versioning and the easiest to install application out of the ones that i have used.

Would definately recommend to others! - An excellent Online Backup service.


2nd December 2011 Fern Richmond New York City


Bargain price!

I had the free trial on this cloud storage service for a few days and gave it a go, and although it started slowly, the service really has impressed me. Cloud storage at such a fantastic price. Support are really helpful too.

Love the Sync Folder!!!


19th November 2011 Debbie Graham Liverpool, UK


Great, just great!

This is my favourite Online Backup system out of the few that I've tried for a couple of very simple reasons - it's the cheapest I've found and the support is the best I've found. I had a problem with my first backups and I contacted them and the only problem was I'd selected the files incorrectly, but they helped me to find this and I was up and running in no time. Other than that everything seems very good, the features are fresh and its easy to use. 5*s from me.


12th November 2011 Janet Parker Phoenix, AZ


Look no further

I love this system already and I've only had it a week or so! The backups are fast, the software installation was fast, the support is okay, the storage space is unlimited, the price is the cheapest, the features are abundant... need I go on??


12th October 2011 Chloe Leicester, UK


MyPC Backup gets the thumbs up from me!

I've been using MyPC Backup for some time now, and I definitely recommend it. I needed to call Customer Support a few times, but they were always very helpful and helped me get set up. I haven't had to call them since and I'm very happy with my choice.


9th March 2011 Gordon D. Berube Fort Myers, FL


Just in the nick of time!

About a year after I bought it, I noticed my computer was running slower and slower. My husband kept telling me that I needed to back up my files "just in case," but I ignored him for the longest time. Finally he talked me into using, and good thing! My computer crashed a week later, which was devastating, but it would have been much worse without your program!


1st March 2011 Kathy S. Amarillo, TX


MyPC Backup

My dad recently converted all of our old VHS home videos into a digital format and put them onto his computer. He didn't want to get rid of the tapes, though, because he was afraid of something happening to the computer. I introduced him to MyPC Backup, though, and I'm proud to say his home is now VHS free!


18th February 2011 Daniel Brooks Hartford, CT


MyPCBackup Review

I'm a writer, I'm also very forgetful at times, and those two don't mix well. I do most of my work from my laptop, and all of my files are stored on it. I have used other internet programs to backup my files before, but because they had to be backed up manually I would always forget to use them. I was paying for a service I only used half the time! With I can afford to be forgetful, and my work still gets backed up!


18th February 2011 Gail C. Torres Liverpool, UK


Protection from the kids!!

My two boys are always downloading all kinds of games and videos onto our home computer, and they never check to make sure that the websites they're downloading from are secure. That is why I decided to use, because I never know what kind of bugs and viruses might be making their way onto my computer.


16th February 2011 Rita Padovesi Fort Myers, FL


i\'ll recommend it :)

So i was pretty new to this whole cloud storage/online backup thing. my friend said i should start doing it, so after shopping around a little bit i found this site and it had My pc Backup as no.1.

All the reviews seemed to be positive so i went ahead with them. I didn't bother with the free trial as i just want to get started, so i picked my plan and went ahead an upgraded. I paid 2 years upfront and got a good discount. I had a bit of trouble with my first backup but after support helped me out i realised it was me being a dummy.

Definately a good option for online backup, as i now know what it is lol.


19th January 2011 Stacey Riddler santa barbara


Newbie but loving it all the same

I'm what you might call an 'amateur' computer user, though I love to take pictures and store them on the computer. I heard about MyPC Backup through a friend, and I love it! I don't have to worry about losing my precious pictures, and because there is no limit on the number I can backup, I know they are ALL safe. Thank you for this great product.


19th January 2011 Julie Ceaser Clearfield, SD


A true lifesaver A+++

My PC Backup is a life saver. I lost all of my family photos when my hard drive crashed, but I was able to recover them from the Instant Computer Backup website. I had lost my password, so it took me a few minutes to request a new one from Customer Support, but once I got it recovering my files was a breeze.


15th January 2011 Annetta Lopez Columbus, Ohio


Great for college

When I started college this semester my dad made me download MyPC Backup onto the new laptop that he bought me. I didn't think it was a big deal at the time. One day I was late to class, however, and as I was running up some stairs I dropped my computer! Let's just say that the computer didn't survive, but my files did.


11th January 2011 Richard Lorentzen Mount Clemens, MI


MyPC Backup Review

A few years ago I bought an external hard drive to store all my important documents, like tax forms, pictures, and more. I thought I was protected until one night a thief broke in and stole both the computer and hard drive! Now I know that online storage is the way to go, and MyPC Backup is the best service I've found, hands down.


30th December 2010 Mike M Glenwood Springs, CO


My 2 Cents

I manage a corporate office, and I had the software downloaded onto all of our office computers. Let me tell you, it works great! If we ever have a problem with someone's computer, we simply bring in a new computer for them to work on and they can access all of their important spreadsheets and documents instantly. It saves us company time and money because none of our work is lost.


28th November 2010 Neal M. Braley Haysi, VA


Great piece of kit!

I own a little Italian restaurant, and I am really dependent on to backup all of my company's important financial documents. I just want to focus on my cooking, without having to be worried about the safety of my computer files, and this program allows me to do just that.


17th October 2010 Leo Fiorentini San Antonio, TX


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