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Mozy are one of the oldest online backup services around and they have had a huge amount of exposure on the TV and radio in the US. Mozy offers its customers two products. These are known as Mozy Home and Mozy Pro. Both are very similar, Mozy Pro is more for business users that require 24/7 support and assistance.

Mozy currently offer 2GB of free storage space allowing you to try the services before you commit to one of their premium, however existing customers have since found that MOzy have removed their "unlimited" storage offer, and thus it is now capped.


There are some very nice features within the Mozy Home plan, some of these being able to backup either open or locked files and private encryption keys. Although Mozy is seen to be one of the market leaders, there are some draw backs.

If yours want create a full system restore, the process can be very long winded and cumbersome. Also there are certain aspects of the Mozy Home client which are difficult to use and may not visually be suitable for certain PC or Mac users.


Since the removal of their Unlimited backup option, Mozy has dropped in not only our's, but others views as well. A well known brand in this market, which over time is slowly becoming "Old Hat" in our opinion.


Mozy support is good, we called the phone number several times and only once found yourself on hold which was for no longer than 5 minutes. The problem is that support is only available during business hours unless you are a business on the Pro plan. Mozy Home users do not have access to 24/7 support and the technicians there really won't help you out of office hours (trust us we tried!).

If you do find yourself needing assistance during out of office hours then you will need to submit a support ticket. Support tickets are answered faily promptly and aren't based on templates like we see with many of their competitors.

Ease Of Use

Unlike the majority of their competitors, Mozy users are only able to setup scheduled backups. Many other services will backup files and folders individually as soon as they file or folder is altered. This saves hours of time a GB's of bandwidth each year. Not only is this benefitial to you the customer, but it's also benefitial to Mozy as it would reduce strain on their servers. We couldn't work out why they do not allow this so we sent them an email but have never heard back.

Aside from the lack of automation, their services are still very easy to use and most importantly the software is fast and takes up a minimal amount of your time to perform the task at hand.

Value For Money

Mozy now dont off unlimited storage space to any of their Home and Pro users, Overall, Mozy is a well established online backup site and clearly has more pros than cons connected to their brand. Their website is simple and easy to use, but we feel that support let them down overall for us.

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Mozy User ReviewsMozy Review

Smart Cloud System

This a good supplier of the cloud and I can see why they are in the chart currently. This is an all round good service that has done me proud over the last few months. As an amateur photographer this is great for storing high res photos and short films. Mozy is great!


28th June 2012 Adam Hart Mexico


Good versatile backup

Mozy suits my personal user needs nicely and does many of the things I need in way of file storage and recovery. Control panel, up and download speeds are very good. It's one click stuff like their website said, so can't criticize their service.

Customer support dealt with my queries well and emails got responded to in good time.

Very happy.


15th May 2012 John Fulmer Italy


Is Mozy dying?

I've been using Mozy for 8 months now but it is slowly becoming worse and worse!

I've had problems backing up and restoring certain file types. Not good when you are in a hurry. I've tried their support contacts by they have stopped responding and my service is getting worse and worse. If this continues, I'm off.... MyPC Backup, do you have room for one more?


24th March 2012 Geoff Texas


Are Mozy Snoozing?

Does anyone else agree? Mozy seem to have fallen asleep and let other online backup providers like MyPC Backup and JustCloud surpass them in the race to be market leader......

If you don't...... take a look, I think you'll be surprised what you find.


11th March 2012 Jeff Newland County Durham



Mosy used to be the best online backup provider in the market but over the last 12months or so their service has really slipped. Full customer support is no longer included which makes me nervous that they are trying to hide something... Backupers beware!


6th March 2012 Kristen O\'Neill Dallas


Mozy? More like Dozy!

Mozy used to be a sweet program but nowadays it sucks! My backups take ages and the support reponses take even longer, and also I used to get unlimited and now I'm limited! Really unhappy with these guys, I wish they just stayed like the did because they were the best around.


21st December 2011 Brooklyn Arizona


mozy online backup, must try harder

I really thought that after being taken over by EMC and having upped their pricing Mozy would have improved their service. Unfortunately this has not been the case. Dont get me wrong, they are very good at online backup, but i want more now. they haven't developed any new features for their existing customers and things are getting a little boring.


21st December 2011 sally jacobs ontario


online backup - Only

Having been a customer of mozy for a while i am getting bored watching other companies offering more. With my account (which is now not unlimited) only affording me online backup and not other features, i'm thinking its time to swap to one of the companies at the top of this review that can offer me cloud storage, file syncing and file sharing.


21st December 2011 Vinda Singh Tottenham, London


Sweet Program

I love Mozy and their product is awesome but it just lacks some key features of a 5* product. For me the biggest problem is that its not unlimited space, and nowadays I'd expect that from online backup, but apart from that I like the program a lot. The support is good and the features are awesome.


20th December 2011 Laura Michigan


What a difference a day makes...

I was so close to writting a terrible report for Mozy, but in the last 24 hours they have come good - after losing some of my data i had made a complaint and was asking for my money back.

After 2 weeks i finally got a response, and a positive one at that.

So right now, they are in my good books, i dont know if this will stay that way however.


19th December 2011 Doris Travrell New Mexico


Used to be Awesome

Around 2 years ago, I was probably Mozy's biggest follower, loved their service, loved their support and yet slowly it has started going downhill - not offering unlimited anymore and support has really started to frustrate me. I'm not so sure anymore.


6th December 2011 Warren Thomas Iowa


Its Good, but its not the one.

I have had mozy for 6 months now and it is slowly becoming worse and worse - support has stopped answering my emails, my backup is slowingt down and i now i can backup everything! -Answer me Mozy!!!


3rd December 2011 Angleos Richmond Bournemouth


Cheap, but you can sort of see why!

I chose Mozy because it was one of the cheapest options I could find on the web and I was impressed with it to begin with, but I soon was dissapointed. The system is nearly very good, but lacks some new features and a good support set-up. The system is easy to use, has a good amount of storage space and is good value for money, I just wish it had that exta oomph!


18th November 2011 Karl London, UK


So close to 5*s!

Mozy offer a very good service, almost perfect but there is just one thing that I don't like. I used the customer support a couple of times concerning my billing and they were very helpful but when I used the technical support for a problem with my backups they were awful! Took ages to get back to me and then when they did what they told me didn't work! Apart from that its easy to use and good value, plus the features they have make it easy to use.


10th October 2011 Harry Ohio


5 outta 5 stars!!!


I am very happy with mozy. Name and product both great! Mozy the way to go!! An online backup, online storage and file sharing suite that epitomizes what that whole web 2.0 movement was all about, minimalist and very simple and easy to use interfaces and approaches, and extremely consistent high quality service. And in the end, you have a product and service that's highly intuitive and reliable, which is why I highly recommend the premium service.



16th August 2011 Joanna Watters Dallas, Texas


Bad concept of customer service

I know that Mozy Home is a very popular program for backing up files online, but I wasn't that impressed with it! Customer support was my biggest problem, because sometimes I just wanted help with the smallest problems, but because they weren't in their offices I was stuck.

It doesn't sound like much, but I'm a mother of four with very little time to spend trying to track down solutions to my computer problems. I need a company that's willing to help me when I need it. I decided to switch to MyPC Backup, and so far I've been very satisfied. They have live support around-the-clock and the price is reasonable too!


5th March 2011 Janet Steinle Louisville, Kentucky


Not bad but better out there

I was probably among one of Mozy's first users and I stayed with them for a long time, but probably only because I didn't know there were so many other options out there for backing up my home computer. I recently had a bad experience when I called into Mozy for some tech support, and so I finally took the plunge and started looking elsewhere for a better option.

I looked at many companies, including Carbonite, Idrive, and others, and even tried some free trials before deciding on my favorite backup service, MyPC Backup. Setup was fast, and the program is easy to use. They also have 24/7 live support, something I didn't get from Mozy.


28th January 2011 David Brooks Branson, Missouri


Mozy for Business

I am the manager of a local distribution plant. I find the Mozy Business software to be very useful, and because we use the pro version our tech guys can call customer service for help at any time.

I think that we've had a good overall experience with Mozy. My tech guys have, however, been telling me about programs like MyPC Backup, which they say are lower maintenance and are easier to use.


24th January 2011 Bob Lisster Wilmington, North Carolina


Mozy Home Backup

I used the Mozy Home backup program for a while, but there were times where it was just a pain! On two separate occasions I had to do a full system restore using their program, and it seemed like it took forever both times. I also wish that the program backed up my files automatically like other programs do.

Anyway, eventually I switched over to MyPC Backup's program. It's much easier to use and gives me a lot less hassle for something that should be simple. Great product!


16th December 2010 Robert Crestfield Madison, Wisconsin


A Happy Mozy Review

I like Mozy. When I decided to use an internet backup system in place of an external hard-drive I decided to try out Mozy because my friends used it. I used the free trial and it seemed to work just fine, so I signed up for a membership.

They are an established company and widely known, so I assumed everything was fine with their program. I never saw any need to switch, because the program works. My friends now tell me that Instant Computer Backup is a better option, but I'll probably just stay with Mozy since it hasn't given me any major problems.


17th October 2010 River Thompson Grand Rapids, Michigan


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