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MiMedia is up their with the best when it comes to online backup, offering an automatic, multi-user backup service with multiple pricing plans and various features. MiMedia take file security and user safety very seriously and provide a reliable program to work with.


MiMedia goes way beyond offering a standard backup and restore service by improving the user experience to a point where users will enjoy using the program and use it for much more than what it is primarily for. For example, MiMedia has a built in media area where users can listen to music, watch videos and view pictures.


MiMedia is a great system for anyone who is looking to do more than just manage their back ups and ensure a safety net. MiMedia offers their users an easy solution to backing up their files without sacrificing exciting features and excellent file security. Oh, and their customer support is great too.


MiMedia use video guides, FAQs, e-mails, live chat, phone lines and forums to support their customers which is about as good as you'll get anywhere on the web. MiMedia's video guides are concise and informative and there are plenty of topics to search through for additional written support. Unfortunately their phone and e-mail support is slow and their live chat is useless as it pretty much just copies what the written guides say.


MiMedia offer a specialized feature which makes the user experience much easier and more efficient by using their Shuttle Drive. This is a hard drive which is sent to the user when they sign up and they can copy their files onto there to avoid the lengthy initial backup. The Shuttle Drive is sent back to MiMedia so they can put your files in their online backup cloud saving the user time.


MiMedia take a lot of time explaining how safe and secure their data centers are which indicates high reliability. Their centers are guarded round the clock and redundant server architecture so they claim you will never have to worry about data loss, and they also use multiple data centers so even in the unlikely event that one of their centers did fail, your files would also be stored in another one so there isn't anything to worry about.

Ease Of Use

MiMedia is very easy to use as they have implemented various user-friendly features to help you along the way. Firstly they have their simple backup notification feature which allows users to see which files are already backed up and which files are pending backup so the user can easily see what needs to be done.

Value For Money

This is where MiMedia could potentially do a bit better - 250GB is unlikely to be enough for the modern computer user who backs up a lot of data on multiple systems. MiMedia could boost their value for money if they included an unlimited backup option like the best firms in the market do, but until the MiMedia will not be renowned for it value for money factor.

Control Panel

The MiMedia control panel is a dream to work with as they have made their media center the key feature of their control panel. MiMedia are therefore a step ahead of their competitors because it creates an environment which users can enjoy their backup up data instead of just managing their files.

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MiMedia User ReviewsMiMedia Review

MiMedia has my vote

MiMedia has some really handy little features. The recovery and backup features themselves work flawlessly. I'd be interested in seeing if other providers can match this particular area of service. Even though the service isn't perfect in every area, I regard this to be a value for money product that is worthy being recommended.


11th June 2012 John Highman France


Nice app

Easy to use and has some good features. Customer support could do with a bit of work, but overall has worked well in my home office. I use it for work as well as freeing up space on my hard drive but letting the cloud worry about it for a change. Recovery is easy as 123


11th June 2012 Jude Hanson Florida


Great potential

These guys ahve made a good old product here that has future potential for sure if they ironed out a few creases here and there. I've so far enjoyed and benefited from the features offered and have found them to be mightily impressive.

However, I'm sure if they tried hard enough they might be able to battle it out in the top 10. Overall, a good piece of programming designed probably for individual and family use.


15th May 2012 Paul Gascal Spain


Good allround product

I really found this app easy and friendly to use and wasn\'t too harmful to the old pocket. As someone who has to backup every week, it\'s great to have the storage space needed for many imagery files which I am always running out of space for in my traditional methods of backup like CDs and flash drives.

Worrying about backup is a thing of the past now


15th May 2012 James Freyton Iowa


MiMedia\'s Magnificent

MiMedia is the best.

I'm a photographer by trade which means I regularly generate a lot of files. MiMedia offered me a good amount of space for a good price, so I signed up. They have a wealth of useful features and a great interface. I have recommended this product to a few of my colleagues and they have all agreed, it's a great product.


5th April 2012 Tom Texas


Good but not the best

A friend recommended MiMedia to me after they had seen some great reviews of the site online. I signed up and all is well.

I can\'t say that it is the best site out there, but it covers all my needs well. Their online support is a bit iffy in places and getting a real person to help you takes a long time. Luckily I have only had one problem since installing MiMedia and that was my fault.

Whilst my storage needs are relatively low I will stick with MiMedia.


14th March 2012 Hugh Sandown Chester


MiMedia's For Me

I love MiMedia!

They provide a great online backup service with loads of useful, easy to use features. Although storage isn't unlimited like many other online backup providers that's not a problem for me as I only use it to back up my personal PC.

I have recommended this online backup provider to friends and family and so far none of them have been disappointed.


2nd March 2012 Emily Langley London, England


Good Effort

MiMedia are making quite an impression on me.

Although not quite up there with the big guns like MyPC Backup or JustCloud on price or storage they do offer a clean, easy to install user face that works on all devices. I love that all the user faces look the same, it helps a lot when trying to backup on the go or file share from your mobile phone. Their customer service perhaps lacks a little in places, but with a system so simple you shouldn't have too many questions.

Overall a great effort!


1st March 2012 Hayley Munroe San Diego


Future Contender

I took a bit of a punt on signing up to MiMedia as my online backup provider. They are a relatively new to the online storage game but from what I could see from their website they fulfilled all my online backup needs, so I thought why not?

After some additional research I found there are cheaper options out their like ZipCloud and MyPC Backup but as long as I continue getting the service I am from Mimedia I have no intention of moving.

I have a feeling that if they keep growing at the rate they are, then they will be stiff competition for MyPC Backup's number 1 position on this site in no time.

Well done!


27th February 2012 Oliver Thompson Edinburgh


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