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Throughout our research, it didn't seem particular obvious why Livedrive are any different to any other online backup service on the interenet today. Obviously all backup services have their similarities but usually they all have something which makes them stand out.

Livedrive though is pretty much the same as any basic plan offered by their top competitors with the added advantage of unlimited storage even for their basic users.


Like any backup product on the market at the moment, there are positive and negative aspects associated with Livedrive. During our review we found that the negatives outweigh the positives. We have listed below the pro's and con's of Livedrive below:


- Ease of use to the customer.

- Ability to store unlimited files online.

- Share your files with other users.


- No Free Trial

- Unable to schedule backups

- Does not seem compatible with with a Mac

- Unable to backup locked files

- Unable to backup system files

- Slow uploads

- Duplicate backup files

- No phone support


Currently Livedrive only offer support via email, if you email their support department and request a phone number they simply reply saying that they are only able to handle tech queries by email. Email replies take around 2-3 hours during business hours, when emailing during out of business hours you may not get a reply until the next day.

Support is certainly not one of Livedrive's strong points.

Ease Of Use

Livedrive is very easy to use, as we said before this isn't much different to any of the other backup services available online and if you have used another before then you should catch on here pretty quickly.

You can schedule backups with Livedrive although it won't do this automatically. Ensure you configure when you want Liveddrive to backup your files in the settings section as otherwise you may not be fully protected. Livedrive will not back up your files and folders automatically.

Value For Money

Livedrive isn't exactly cheap, you can expect to pay a few dollars more than their leading competitors in the industry. For that extra few dollars you do not really get much more for your money and if it wasn't for the fact that they offer unlimited storage then we wouldn't advise you to sign up at all!

Livedrive isn't exactly bad but it's hard to justify the extra $20+ per year for a service no different to any others on the market.

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Live Drive User ReviewsLive Drive Review


I'm no wiz on computers, but this company promises an easy backup ride. What I found was hardly this...and when I got myself into a pickle, the customer service had the veins at my temple throbbing


21st August 2012 Julie Swanley United Kingdom


Soon went downhill

This was great for the first two weeks, but then things started to go wrong. When I realised there was no phone support, I immediately got frustrated.

Backup problems really need a human to resolve them, not FAQ and up to 5 day email response times!


15th May 2012 Sally Page Denmark



I think I was hoping for a little more from Live Drive when what I actually got was pretty average. Whilst it has all the functions I was looking for and a relative amount of storage space, it doesn't wow me.


5th April 2012 Kevin San Fransisco


No Wow Factor

I think this maybe my own fault, but I think I got over excited by the website and thought that LiveDrive would be something pretty spectacular. Although it works ok, it doesn't do some of the newer more impressive things which I had read about on other storage sites.

Although it does the basics and does them well, LiveDrive didn't have the wow factor I was looking for. C-


12th March 2012 Ryan Montreal


Free Trial

You know that famous phrase, "try before you buy!" Well I wished I'd remembered it before signing up to LiveDrive.

The service is good but I have been a little disappointed by its features and the technical support is slow.

That'll teach me to make a quick decision.


9th March 2012 Gordon Dallas


Buyer Beware

Go ahead and sign up with LiveDrive... But only if you don't mind losing files. I'm still trying to restore files from them. The automated restore client couldn't download almost 600 files. I'm trying to download them manually... Some of them failed the first few times I tried (NOT a problem with my Internet connection or computer), but then eventually downloaded... The rest are just lost for good apparently. Since I work with filesets that, with any files missing, are worthless, this is a HUGE loss. If you don't mind losing files, they might be a good choice for you.


2nd March 2012 Ben Faust Virginia, USA


Great idea, very poor service

I've been testing LiveDrive for the past 2 weeks - DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.

Whilst its cheap, it show. You do get unlimited storage, but the software keeps crashing & is very slow to upload (on my 20Mb leased line) in two weeks, I've only uploaded 40Gb of my 250Gb.

What manys matters worse, although they promise 24 hour response time for support - its just not true. After 2 weeks nearly all of my support requests are still outstanding.

I have spent a lot of time trying to trouble shoot, as I really wanted to use it - but I have to call it a day & buy a different BETTER service.

You have been warned ....


3rd February 2012 N Reynolds Leeds


Room for improvement

I've been using Livedrive for a few months now and I just wasn't as excited as I thought I would be when I started using it. I'd heard about all the awesome stuff you can do on the cloud these days and I was just a bit disappointed with Livedrive because it lacks some of these cool features.


21st December 2011 Joel Virginia


Too much to work out

I just wish I could get to grips with the Livedrive system because it looks like it could be really good, and it also has unlimited storage space so its a shame its so hard to get used to. Ever since the original download I haven't been able to use it properly, and I can't schedule a backup if I'm not going to be there so I keep forgetting to backup my stuff!


20th December 2011 Christie Devon, UK


Could do better

I found Livedrive to be a solid service, with not so flexible features.

Hard to use, slow at times and support was almost non existent. Would not use again.


11th December 2011 Bob Thomas Las Vegas


Should have looked around

I heard about online backup from a friend at work and thought I needed to get involved as everyone was doing it, but looking back I should have shopped around a bit first. I chose Livedrive because I heard they were good and I must say they aren't terrible but I just expected a bit more. For example there isn't really that many features, I can backup files and then view them in my cloud but apart from that there isn't a lot else. I've heard some other companies are offering things like auto-backup and folder sharing, but I don't think I can do that at the moment.


9th December 2011 Emily Tajera Newcastle, UK


Probably jumped in a bit early

When deciding on a company i feel i would have been better off trying a cloud storage service first before jumping straight in.

Although Livedrives service is good, it could be better and although i am satisfied, i do think what might have been if i had gone for a free trial first.


7th December 2011 Cassie Render Franklyn


Support and not much else

There was no free trial when I signed up for Livedrive so I felt as though I was taking a risk from the start, and its a risk I shouldn't have taken! The support is the only positive I can take from my experience so far as I have used them a number of times and they have been helpful for the most part. I found the program hard to get to grips with and the features are few and far between.


18th November 2011 Gareth Birmingham, UK



TOo say that i am disappointed is an understatement.

Live Drive promised the world and didnt deliever it, slow backup, no Mac Support, and very slow technical support and customer service.

Went with somebody else who had a much better online backup pedigree and happy i made the switch.


19th October 2011 Morris Devlin Chicago, IL


Average product

After trying this product for 14 days, i somewhat reached the conclusion that it is an average product. However, its easy use and simple features, i am keepin it to make it my online back up software. I was searching for a reliable online backup solution and found this software.

Easy to use but not 100% satisfying. COuld do better - C+ would be its report card.


11th October 2011 Carla Menard South Dakota


Went with My PC Backup

I was considering using Linedrive to back up my computer, but then I realized that it wouldn't be compatible with my Mac. Needless to say, I was forced to look at other options, and I'm glad I did because I found MyPC Backup, which seems to be a much better service. Now my files are safe and I am happy.


21st February 2011 William T. Evans Mount Clemens, MI


How much?

I was surprised to find out that Linedrive is actually more expensive than some of the other online backup companies out there, even though they don't offer you any special features or additional services. I just couldn't justify spending the money on Linedrive when I could get more bang for my buck with a different option.


15th January 2011 Carter Simpson Buckhannon, West Virginia


Livedrive Review

What I didn't like about Linedrive when I was using it was that you can only contact customer support through email. I'm not a very advanced computer user, and what I really needed was someone to walk me through the steps of solving my problem. All I got were emails, however, and they didn't help me that much. A live person would have made my experience much better.


18th December 2010 Annetta Lorenzo Columbus, Ohio


My thoughts on livedrive

The thing I like most about Linedrive is that they offer you unlimited backup space, so I was able to back up all of my important files. Other than that though, I'd say there isn't really anything special about their service. Yes, you get unlimited backup capacity, but that's about it.


6th November 2010 Cheyenne Schweyer Grand Rapids, Michigan


Too Sllow Man.

I decided to try Linedrive to back up my computer online, but once I got started I realized it was taking forever for my files to upload. I'm a busy person, and I didn't have that much time to waste on trying to get my online backup set up. I tried MyPC Backup instead, and it was just what the name suggests:instantly I was able to get everything set up and my files protected in no time. Highly recommend.


16th October 2010 Suzanne Cooper Columbus, Ohio


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