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iCloud review

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iCloud is probably the biggest thing to happen to Online Backup in a long time, offering Limited Free Storage for exisitng iPhone, iPad and iPod users. iCloud will certainly intorduce more people to Online Backup, but how does it stack up against the industry leaders?


As with all Apple products, iCloud syncs seemlessly into every day life, and will certainly give the "I dont know what i did without this before" factor, to standard users. An icredibly easy to use tool allows effortless backup of important apps and documents. But in terms of flexibility it does not score so well. Backing up large files does take time, and it can be clunky and hard to use for Windows customers.

Not having to sync your iPhone again is an excellent feature.


To an outsider it's easy to think that most will view iCloud as a pretty basic service. Yes, It's free and useful, However we dont see it as the glittering future of everything, but is a step in the right direction.

It may one day be the MAin stay for the industry but at the moment it has a long way to go to impress us, and the general public. C+


If you want complete support iCloud may not be the product for you, if you have been using Apple prodducts alot of what it offers and does is brilliant, to an outsider or a newbie to the market we would highly recommend a more thorough service. The step by step guides are very good, but only if you know how Apple works.


If your willing to give it time, iCloud does have a few tricks up its sleeve, offering worry free backup and almost instant sycronisation of your calender, emails and important documetns, however this does require setting up with can take some time, to us though it is worth the effort.

What it does do well is bring everything together under one umbrella, it could be better but the idea is very good, although with more dedicated Backup companies, you do get a lot more for your money.


As with anything Apple, 99.9% of the time it simply works, however, its when it doesnt work that may be the problem. In the few weeks we have tried the product everything is running fine, so we can only hope that it stays the same. We dont want "Siri" going off on one with our contact anytime soon"

Ease Of Use

When i used the service i found it to be very easy to use, however if you hand the service over to someone who has grown up around Blackberry phones and service, suddenly it isd a different story. To those in the know this could be perfect.

All apps are simple and do the majority of what you want it to.

Value For Money

Although Apple claim that the Free 5GB will go along way, we are not so sure, especially for 16GB and 32Gb users of their services.

If you break it down, the additional storage is very over priced and will put people off, especially those music lovers out there.

5GB is free

15GB is $20/year

25GB is $40/year

55GB is $100/year

It doesnt scream value to us, and to anyone looking for unlimited storage and space, then we would strongly advise to look elsewhere.

Control Panel

Like all that have come before, this Apple service/product is gorgeously designed, minimalistic, and easy to navigate, its clear to see why Apple have got to where they are now. She is a thing of beauty.

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iCloud User ReviewsiCloud Review

Sleak software

It's true that this is a sleak ultra easy to use program and is a good addition from apple. There's nothing particularly bad about it, it's just that I've noticed providers who offered more for less in way of storage and features thats all. I think once they improve on these things they might come out as front runners


27th June 2012 Jake Smith Scotland


Flashy and stylish but lacks

iCloud looks just as flashy and stylish as its other programs and works well. It's good for your general day to day storage, but if you want to do some serious backups it could push you back a few dollars.

It's getting harder to stick with them now that I am constantly cheaper and more feature packed alternatives cropping up daily on the web.


15th May 2012 Lawrence Thorpe United States


Style over storage

iCloud is beautiful to look at, like all things Apple though it walks the fine line between style and substance. Unfortunately in the case of iCloud, the storage allowance, just doesn't cut it.

There are greater online backup providers out there if you don't mind mixing your brands. I would like to add though iCloud does work for a PC. Pleasent surprise.


11th March 2012 Florence Martin Texas


Broken Hearted

iCloud probably seems like the greatest invention ever created by Apple. Apple fans will of course all have iCloud by now and be singing its praises regardless of how good it actually is.

Usually I am one of those people, but I have to say I use it with my iPhone and I am less than impressed. I quickly outgrew my free backup amount so had to pay for more space. Not a plus point when so many providers are offer less Apple looking products but with unlimited free storage.


29th February 2012 Nicole P New York


Not as good as I thought!

I love everything to do with Apple, and until I really new that cloud storage was a big thing, I thought that iCloud was the greatest thing ever! It scores massively on support, both technical and customer because that is what Apple pride themselves on - they are the best without a doubt. What I dont like is the lack of features, yes it works very well between Apple devices but there are no outstanding features at all. The storage space for a free user is also pretty poor, especially when I found out that other companies will give you unlimited storage!


21st December 2011 Kelly Hawaii


Apple Fanboy

I love Apple products and have an iPhone, iPod and a Mac so I was very excited when iCloud was announced but soon enough I was disappointed. This was because I ran out of storage space quickly and had to pay the expensive fee to keep using the program. Even then it doesn't become unlimited and plus the process isn't even fully automated! Not as impressed as I have been with previous Apple products.


20th December 2011 Peter Rhode Island


Thank god this is limited to Apple

iCloud probably seems like the greatest thing ever to Apple fans because they love pretty much anything that Apple do but I use it with my iPhone and I am less than impressed. I soon outgrew my free backup limit and ended up paying for more space, when most providers are offering unlimited storage anyway!


4th December 2011 John Timmins Maine


iWont be hanging around

With iCloud everything seems great until you run out of space, which wont be long if you like to backup most things. Like everything Apple does the usage is very smooth and looks very cool, but before you know it your out of space, and nowadays you should expect to get unlimited space for your money. The technical and customer support from Apple is the best, you can even meet in person for help in an Apple store which is brilliant, however not much can go wrong if your backing up so little!


27th November 2011 Jake Bryant Texas


Brilliant on the outside

Like all Apple Products, iCLoud is a brilliant idea and in theory works well, but it doesnt come with anywhere need the storage space that users need.

I have alot of music and films and i can i non way fit that in the free or even some of the paid plans.

If you just need the free account than you will love iCLoud, if you need more than 5GB, well you wont.


20th November 2011 Tom Norris Chicago


Excellent Free

I had the free version and loved iCLoud, it worked and i was using it everyday. When i decided to take the paid account, i do wish i had shopped around a little more. Sure, it works, but you really dont get alot for your money when you break it down. I will still use it, but i really wish i havd thought to try out other cloud storage services first


11th November 2011 Harry Richards Wales`


My iCloud Review

I dont normally do reviews but iCloud is new and cool so I thought I would share my thoughts. Cloud storage is definatly the way forward and iCloud is going to make it very easy for mac users. Im a windows user and not the most technical so I perosnally am not going to go with iCloud after alot of research. Basically I think they lack many day-to-day features windows users need.


7th November 2011 Bill Cartwright santa cruz


Not quite what i expected

I agree with the above comment, its not quite revolutionary, but it is a start. Pricing for extra storage is ridiculous when you shop around.

It is simple, but complicated at the same time, and i will use it but maybe not to store all of what i have.


1st November 2011 Wendy Johns Nebraska


Great in Theory

For an Apple Guru like me, iCloud seemed perfect, for what it is, it does an amicable job and with the intergration i couldnt have asked for more.

But why pay loads for more storage when you can have unlimited for next to nothing? - Could do better Apple, you wont get anywhere with this.


25th October 2011 Dave Miller Hammersmith, UK


Keep to Free.

I wont lie, i was excited to get iCloud with my new 4gS, although heed this warning, the storage is not as much as you think. Installation and using the service was easy and seemless, but when i ran out of space i opted to buy more space before shopping around.

THis was my only mistake, i am finding it difficult to contact anyone and suddenly it does not seem like such good VFM.

It doesnt have half the additional features that others have and i now wish I had bothered to compare to others.

It hasnt put me off Apple though!


19th October 2011 Tabitha Green Glendale, CA


Love Love Love it!

I Love iCloud, it brillaint, its fits into my life perfectly and i only need a little it of space. Excellent Apple design and everything just works, which alot of the time is all you need.


4th October 2011 Tracy Wilson Isle of Wight


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