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Carbonite review

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Carbonite is a backup product that has been designed around the consumer / home user. With a pricing strategy of $50 a year or $90 for 2 years, On the surface it seems to be one of the better online backup service on the internet. But is it?


Although Carbonite appears to be very simple, it does have some pitfalls. The software does not support users running networked or mapped drives, therefore reducing a large amount of home users who have set up LANs around their homes.

Also during the Carbonite backup period, the system will omit videos. Now we can understand why this if users begin to upload illegal content, but it prevents the majority of users being able to backup genuine videos that may have recorded from a special event like a birthday or family doo.


We were disappointed to be fair, we were expecting the world with a provider like Carbonite, and its actually let us down.

Although you recieve a lot for your money, the support is truly terrible and the service slightly restricted.


Like many of the other online backup services on our website, Carbonite offer live chat support. This support is basic though and you are often asked to email your technical queries to A number of times we were told to simply reinstall the software to fix minor errors that we had staged with our account which was of course merely a waste of time.

You can however reset your password via the live chat which is great if you ever get logged out, and the teams are always professional and friendly, if you can get hold of them that is.....

Ease Of Use

Carbonite offer daily, automated system backups once you have configured the software to do so. This takes around 20 minutes to do once the system is installed. There's an overwhelming amount of options that you are expected to tweak to your preference. This is great for the advanced user but not so great for someone that wants a simple, straight-forward computer backup service.

Value For Money

Carbonite is undoubtably a cost effective product to purchase, $54.95 gives you cover for a whole year! That said, the lack of video support is one of several missing features which makes value for money with carbonite, slightly less attractive.

For the same price there are other online backup solutions out there that will give you more for your money, you could even save yourself a few dollars too!

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Carbonite User ReviewsCarbonite Review

Carbonite excels!

Carbonite is a nifty little backup program that takes of my small biz perfectly. It hits the spot in almost every area. I won't be leaving them anytime soon. Tech support could do with speeding up a bit, but apart from that you've got a winner here. Me like!


29th June 2012 Cynthia Headle Northern England


Affordable and a good solution

I can see why it's in the top 10 at the moment. I love this program, especially the idiot proof control panel that even I could use. And that is saying something. This piece of technology has inspired me to finally cross over into the twenty-first century and see what else is lurking out there!


15th May 2012 Lucas Cartwright Massachusetts


Not for MAC and No Refund!

Slows down the MAC. Have to re-install every couple of weeks or it stops working and you don't know about it until they send you an e-mail.

And NO refunds, absolutely rude about it!

I am using BackBlaze much less intrusive on the MAC.


5th April 2012 Ray Jansson New York



To me Carbonite has been a good service. Although I have heard bad things in the past, I decided to give it a go. So far I have found it to be a very stable, reliable and easy-to-use service. Whilst it doesn't do backup for videos (which may become a problem as my wife is about to have twins) it is a good basic backup system. As my life changes so will my backup needs, but for now I'm sticking with Carbonite.


27th March 2012 Paul Washington


carbonite has failed

I went to the carbonite site today to retrieve some files and was told the computers were down for maintenance for the forseeable future - whats going on here???


23rd March 2012 Pam Moss california


59 Dollars

It might not be the cheapest but for $59 Carbonite ensure the safety of all my files. I'd pay this and more if it meant that I never have to experience losing them again.

Pain worse than losing a leg!


6th March 2012 Gary Florida


Consistently Average

I signed up to Carbonite 18months ago, whilst their provision has been acceptable, after consulting with a friend about their online storage provider I learnt that MyPC Backup offers a greater number of features and a much more attractive interface.

Genuinely considering swapping provider.


2nd March 2012 Damien Washington


Too much money

I've loved using Carbonite for my backup but I didn't realise before coming on here that you can get the same package for half the price in some places! You get unlimited storage space and the support is generally good but if you can get exactly the same elsewhere just cheaper then why would you go with these guys!?


21st December 2011 Harry Vermont


Price too high

Carbonite is a good product and I like it a lot but I've seen almost the same product but just cheaper! Carbonite is nearly twice the price as these products, so I don't really see how they justify that. The features and support etc are good but the same as other good providers, just more expensive.


20th December 2011 Daniel Oregon


So far behind the rest

Carbonite is not my first online backup provider and it certainly won't be my last. I have had a lot of dissapointment with these guys despite the great storage space which I find perfect for me. Also the price is competitive but once you're actually using the system it all goes downhill. The support is terrible and the system is difficult to get used to, so I guess I'll be moving on soon.


14th December 2011 Maxwell Portstmouth, UK



I think that although Carbonite offer a good value for value product, their feature set is somewhat dated, no sync features and very little in the way of flexibility, makes other online backup companies a little more attractive.


21st November 2011 Robert Snordon Alaska


Carbonite is Good

I really liked carbonites and the service they provide. It is fast and reliable and easy to use. I think it gives good value for money and it has been a great cloud storage option for me.


9th November 2011 C.Davidson Edinburgh


Just not the one for me

I was drawn to Carbonite because of the storage space, Im one of those who downloads a lot as well as taking a load of photos so this is a stong point for Carbonite. Apart from that, there isn't much which makes me want to stay with them - the support is okay but not the best by a long way, and its also fairly hard to use. I've heard they're releasing a few new features soon so this could change my mind but at the moment I'm no so sure.


28th October 2011 Katherine California


Don\'t believe the hype

Dont Buy Carbonite! - Broken promises, Slow service, and terrible support. Not for me, at all.


15th October 2011 Grace Wilkinson Leeds


Fine one but lacking video storage!

I found this to be a very stable, reliable and easy-to-use backup program, with good documentation. While it doesn't do backup for videos,so one can consider it to be good backup solution if you are looking for basic backup...Wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.


13th October 2011 Caroline Alston Georgia


Go with MyPC Backup instead

I used Carbonite for a while to backup my home computer, and I don't think it's bad, but there are just better options out there. I spent a little bit of time researching all the major online file backup providers, and the best one I've found is quite clearly MyPC Backup. The setup process was easy, and after that it's all automatic. It's nice knowing all of my files are safe!


10th March 2011 Mike Szaraz Minneapolis, Minnesota


Lack of video support..

I decided against using the Carbonite backup system before I even got out of the free trial period. I can't believe they won't let me backup videos! I appreciate the flat yearly fee, but I need a backup service that will let me store my home videos too.

I have three kids, and many of their first moments I recorded and put on our computer. If something happened to those videos, my wife would kill me! I decided to use MyPC Backup instead, because they offered me a flat rate AND my videos are saved too. So far I love it!


25th February 2011 Bryan Mash Cincinnati, Ohio


Poor customer support.

Carbonite is great while it's working, but hope that you don't have to get a hold of customer service! There were several times where the only help I got was an email address that I could submit my questions to!

I need better customer service! I checked out companies like Mozy, but the customer support that comes with their home package isn't much better than Carbonite's. Finally I settled on Instant Computer Backup as my file backup provider. The price is right, it's easy to set up and use, and I can get a hold of their support team anytime, day or night! I really enjoy their product!


12th December 2010 Beth Conner Lynchburg, Virginia


Carbonite Review

I'm a high school teacher, and I recently started using Carbonite on my home PC to make sure that all my lesson plans and other documents get backed up. I set it up so that it will automatically backup my files, which took about a half an hour or so, but now it seems to be working fine. The price is right up my alley too, though I wish they would allow me to backup my video files.


10th November 2010 Christina Darcy Salt Lake City, Utah


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