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Backblaze review

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Backblaze does all it can to make backing up easy! If all you are looking for is black and white Backup, Backblaze truly are a great choice - just a few clicks and the service is installed and backing up your computer. But for some, Backblaze may not be the right choice, very little flexibility and very few additional benefits.


In terms of what Backblaze is, then there are few who do simple, automated backup better. A simple and easy to use application runs within seconds of downloading, with no hassle and quick upload speeds it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Few can argue that for Backup, Backblaze are one of the industry leaders.

However, that really is about it, no syncing capabilities, no mobile access, no file sharing, and no archiving, make Backblaze not a great choice for anyone looking for a little bit more from a backup provider.


Offering unlimited online backup solution with no upload speed limitations, but with very little else, Backblaze is about as simple as it gets. Those who are after additional features, the most common being sharing and syncing, would in all honesty have to look elsewhere.

Backblaze does not support any of these extras.

This backup service is also found wanting when the need customer support arises, and the not so generous maximum file size limit (9GB) could put off potential customers.

For what it is, Backblaze cannot be beaten, but in my opinion, there are better options out there.


Not Backblaze's speciality here, luckily it is rare for support to be needed as Backblaze 99% of the time, just works.

However, if support is needed, it can be very laborious, tedious, and frankly frustrating, no phone support, and email turnaround times are variable.

If you need walking through things, then Backblaze should probably not be for you.


Very little - In fact a basic file versioning feature is about the only feature we would class as "special" - included in the price.

They have however released a new tool called "locate my computer" - Which allows the IP address of your laptop/computer should it be stolen, known to yourself and the locate authority to assist in its retrieval.

This feature has caused others to follow suit, with a few of Backblaze's competitors on this site, working on similar features.


Probably Backblaze's saving grace, very few of its competitors can argue how simple and efficient Backblaze are, fast to install and upload speed is never a problem, however on the rare chance things do go wrong, don't expect support to be as fast as the product downloads.

Ease Of Use

Due to the simplicity of its software, and the fact once it is installed it works, Backblaze score highly, the old clich of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - Does spring to mind.

Once it is working, rarely do things go wrong, and when backing up it is incredibly easy. Another reason why Backblaze do score highly in this department.

Value For Money

For ease of use, and what it does, Backblaze are very good value, when you compared to others on market as to what you get for the money then perhaps they do not look the best option.

Backblaze lead the way in simple, basic, home user backup, but lack distinctly on everything else.

Control Panel

Another strong showing here. Clean, fast to install, and once opened, easy to navigate around.

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Backblaze User ReviewsBackblaze Review

Forever to upload files...

This is mediocre backup at best...and it took a lifetime to upload my files! I was soon saying 'Hello MyPC Backup'


17th August 2012 Sandy M NY, USA


Where are the features?!

I got this without doing the necessary research I guess, didnt I? But how could this company not offer features (KEY FEATURES) such as file syncing and other key features?

I've moved onto JustCloud since. Cheaper. Feature rich. Need I say anymore?


15th May 2012 James Woodhouse California, USA


Poor Support

I can't knock Backblaze as a product. It's great value for money, the storage is unlimited and there are a nice assortment of features but when I had a few problems a couple of weeks ago their tech support and customer service team

was awful.

A huge let down from such a great product.


13th March 2012 Bobby London


Needs a little TLC

Since I signed up to BackBlaze I've had a few technical problems. Their customer service team have been brilliant and have helped me get back up and going pretty quickly but unfortunately I have suffered the same problem a couple of times.

I like BackBlaze but I think they need to give their system some TLC.


9th March 2012 Mia Johnson Washington


Good but difficult

Backblaze has all the making of an awesome system - unlimited storage and pretty cheap! It's only when I actually downloaded the product that I'm starting to get problems with it, I just can't do it haha! The backup folder is confusing and accessing my files from anywhere except my main computer is super-hard!


21st December 2011 Phil Wisconsin


Shame about the support

Before I downloaded Backblaze I was convinced it was going to be the best product on the market, its not that expensive, unlimited storage and good features, but the support is just so bad it ruins everything! Maybe its just me but I rely on a good customer and technical support team when I buy stuff on the internet so this is a major drawback for me.


20th December 2011 Nick New York


For plain and simple backup

Backblaze cannot be beat. Fantastic speed and really easy to use, i love it and recommned it to all my friends. Just wish i could sync files though!!!


15th December 2011 Debbie Watson Dublin


If Only...

If this had sync features, this would easily be the best service out there - support could be abit more vocal as well.


9th December 2011 Kevin Frauline Detroit


Look no further for simple backup

If you are not looking for an in-depth technical online backup company then look no further than Backblaze. Their program is so simple to use that anyone could do it, but of course this sacrifices features that I was looking for. The price is so cheap and you get unlimited storage which is awesome, I just wish there was more available to me!


8th December 2011 Paula Rhode Island


So far not so good

Ive actually found the support very useful with these guys but the fact that Ive used them so much says a lot about Backblaze. I've had problems from the start with all sorts, such as my backups not working, my auto-backup not working so i've had my fair share of issues. Having said that it is cheap and the storage space is awesome, so it needs a bit of work from Backblaze and this would be a good system.


6th December 2011 Mark California



Backblaze is very simply and offers a great online backup service. it is plain and simple but does work and that is the important thing. Bit stiff on features but great none the less.


3rd December 2011 Georgina Troy Arkansas


For What they are...

I took Backblaze's plan before coming to this site, i was using this site to look for a replacement service in its place, but felt compelled to write something.

This review pretty much nails Backblaze down to a Tee.

FOr what they are, Backblaze are brilliant, simple, easy backup, fast, but not much else. Very rigid in its options, but absoluately brilliant at the simple things.

Needing to look for syncing options, hence why shopping around, but if you need something simple, easy, and that works, Backblaze are ace.


15th October 2011 Gordon Farquah Iowa


Good Product

Simple to use, simple to customize, very clear in what you can do with it without reading any manual. But rating it to 5 stars is perhaps very high, as nothing is perfect!!! So i will go with 4 out of 5 and thmbs up for this product. Technical support has always respondeed to my comments and suggestions and really offer a tailored individual service.

Great product!


13th October 2011 Jesse Gallup Dallas, Texas


Backup King!

Backup is excellent, quick, efficent, easy to use, and computer finder is a great tool in case the worse should happen, staff are very technically minded, if a tad difficult to get hold of, but my word, they are good at what they do. Simple and east storage and backup. Not great of features, but if thats not what you need, the Backblaze is Ace!


9th October 2011 Gavin Thornton Washington State


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